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Alexandria Credit Card Theft Lawyer

In Alexandria, credit card theft most commonly involves taking a credit card that belongs to someone else and using it in a transaction. In certain instances, it may just involve taking the encoding information or numeric information from a card and using it in a transaction. If an individual receives a theft charge it can present major issues in many areas of his or her life; issues can and will typically arise with regard to finding employment and being approved for certain apartments/homes if someone attains a criminal charge.

An experienced fraud lawyer who has an experience with credit card theft cases will have the knowledge and background necessary to build a strong defense for their client. An individual who is facing theft charges should seek an Alexandria credit card theft attorney immediately to avoid the deleterious effects that a criminal charge will cause.

Common Accompanying Charges

Credit card fraud, which involves taking and attempting to use stolen information in a transaction, will typically accompany a theft charge. A prosecutor will do their best to secure both charges against a defendant if they can, but their priority will always be solidifying a theft charge.

When attempting to get a conviction in a theft case, the prosecutor must prove that the person charged was in possession of a credit card or its encoding information which did not belong to them. In most cases, they attempted to use that in a financial transaction.

Credit Card Theft vs. Fraud

Credit card theft involves the actual taking of the information, the code on the credit card, or the card itself. Credit card fraud occurs when the person attempts to use the card they’ve stolen to make an unauthorized transaction.

Both scenarios are taken very seriously in Alexandria and will result in harsh penalties, which is why it is important that someone who has been charged with theft or fraud obtains the assistance of a credit card theft lawyer in Alexandria.

Consequences of a Conviction

The most common and immediate consequence of a credit card theft or fraud conviction that an individual will face is the aftermath that follows attaining a felony on their record. A felony can cause a convicted individual to lose their job or make it difficult for them to acquire a job in the future. In addition, sometimes he or she will face an active sentence. There is often probation in addition to other penalties that might be imposed by the court.

The long-term consequences of fraud convictions are the limits that a felony charge will have on a convicted individuals life. A felony will also make the process of trying to continue to work or find a job in the future extremely difficult. Any conviction that involves lying, cheating, or stealing makes it impossible for a person to work in any kind of job that requires a criminal background check.

Contact An Alexandria Credit Card Theft Lawyer

When an individual is charged with credit card theft, in most cases it is charged as a felony. A felony is something that has the potential to place someone in prison for a significant period of time and will create a lot of consequences for the rest of his or her life. It is critically important that someone who is dealing with a charge of this magnitude to involve an Alexandria credit card theft lawyer in that process to assist him or her in getting the best outcome available under the circumstances of the case.

The particular facts and circumstances of an individual’s case are considered when planning a defense. A thorough and close review of the prosecution’s evidence dictates the approach and the tactics that make the most sense in the case. It may be an issue of challenging whether or not there is sufficient proof in the case or whether a person’s constitutional rights were violated in such a way that may allow the suppression of evidence. These things are all on the table when determining the best way to go about developing and presenting a defense.

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