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Forgery refers to a number of different offenses, all of which involve fabricating something and representing it to be true. This can be creating a check that is not real. It can also involve forging currency or bank notes, or other things with the intent to pass them off as authentic when they are fabrications or fakes. If accused, it important for someone to contact an experienced fraud lawyer as soon as possible because there are a number of common mistakes a person can make early in their case that a lawyer can help them avoid. In addition, there are affirmative steps that an Alexandria forgery lawyer can assist them with, including mitigation.

Understanding Forgery

While the criminal act of forgery takes place regularly in the city of Alexandria, many do not know what the act encompasses. The most common kind of forgery in Alexandria is a forged check, which is when someone creates a check that looks real but is not. Someone may also choose to use routing or account information that does not belong to them. There can also be cases of forged documents relating to the title of the vehicle or a forged decal.

Law enforcement takes cases of forgery very serious and they put a great deal of time and effort into the investigation process when dealing with the crime. In a forgery case, there are a number of kinds of evidence sought by police and prosecutors. Witness testimony is very often one of the key factors. In some cases, evidence includes statements made by the accused and tangible evidence such as the item that was forged.

Plea Deals

A knowledgeable forgery lawyer in Alexandria may be able to garner a plea deal for their client depending on the details involved in the case. In most cases, a majority of the individuals that are charged with fraud receive a deal, but it is contingent on certain things including:

  • Whether or not the person who has been charged has a significant record
  • The amount of money that was lost in the transaction.
  • Whether or not there are good defenses in the case.


Most fraud cases involve someone who has never committed a crime of that type before. With this being the case for many of the individuals who are convicted, it is unusual for them to receive any significant jail sentence.  When a person is convicted of forgery charges, the range of penalties includes up to five years in prison or 12 months in jail and a $2,500 fine. Most of these cases are Class 6 felonies under Virginia law. With this said, it is imperative to consult with an Alexandria forgery attorney as if an individual is convicted, they must live with and suffer the consequences which can be very far reaching and in most cases are permanent.

The Benefits Of Having An Alexandria Forgery Lawyer

A person benefits immensely by having a lawyer in the course of a forgery case. An attorney defines and prepares the defense of the case and ensures the prosecution meets its burden of proof. Because of the magnitude of this crime, it is important to try to avoid the consequences and penalties that accompany fraud.

In addition, an Alexandria forgery attorney guides the person through the process, informs the person about what to expect, and helps the person make important decisions at every phase of the process.

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