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Arlington County Court in Virginia

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The Clerk of the Circuit Court is an elected constitutional office in each county and large city in Virginia. Commonly referred to as Clerk of Court or County Clerk, this particular office performs more varied functions than any other in the Commonwealth.

Arlington County Circuit Court

1425 N. Courthouse Road,
Suite 6700
Arlington, VA 22201
Phone: 703-228-7010
E-mail: CircuitCourt (at)

In Arlington County, the 17th Judicial District includes the City of Falls Church, Virginia.

“The Circuit Court is the trial court of general jurisdiction in Virginia; this means that the court has authority to try a full range of cases both civil and criminal. Civil cases involve disputes essentially private in nature between two or more parties; criminal cases are controversies between the State and persons accused of a crime. Only in a circuit court is a jury provided for the trial of these disputes and controversies. The Virginia circuit court system is composed of 31 judicial circuits with 120 separate circuit courts in the various counties and cities of the State. The Supreme Court of Virginia establishes the rules of practice and procedure for the circuit courts, and the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court as the administrator of the circuit court system.” (From

DEADLINE FOR FILING CIVIL MOTIONS: Please note that in order to have a civil motion heard on a Friday docket in Circuit Court, the motion must be filed in the Clerk’s Office no later than noon the preceding Friday. Civil motions filed after noon on any Friday will not be placed on the next week’s Friday motions’ docket, but instead will be set for the first available motions day thereafter.

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