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When you invest in your future by attending college, you want to do everything you can to be successful. A single mistake, however, can have severe consequences that may impact your ability to continue attending school and pursuing the career of your dreams. When you are facing student disciplinary hearings, criminal proceedings, or both, you may need the advice of an Arlington student defense lawyer.

With the assistance of a skilled criminal defense attorney, you may be able to avoid the repercussions of a student disciplinary record and a permanent criminal record. There are defenses available in these proceedings that may be available in your case. By enlisting the assistance of legal counsel, you may be able to raise these defenses and overcome the charges against you.

Common Criminal Offenses For Arlington College Students

College students can face all the same criminal offenses as other adults, but there are some charges that college students face more than others. Many of these charges are alcohol-related, such as underage alcohol possession and consumption, DUI, and providing alcohol to minors.

Oher offenses that college students may face include the possession of controlled substances, shoplifting, assault, sexual assault, and vandalism. However, many of these offenses may stem from alcohol use, as well. A student defense lawyer in Arlington may be useful in defending college students facing any of these criminal charges.

Potential Consequences for Students

The consequences for a criminal conviction can be very harsh, depending on the severity of the crime and the prior criminal history of the accused student. Even for a first conviction, a college student may receive a jail sentence, probation, community service, payment of fines, court costs, and restitution, and loss of driving privileges in some situations.

There also are collateral consequences for college students facing a criminal conviction. A permanent criminal record can impact job and internship opportunities and make finding housing more difficult. A record also may hinder students from acceptance into graduate or professional schools.

For students charged with a felony, the potential outcome is even more severe. A felony conviction can prevent students from pursuing specific careers and obtaining some professional licenses. Furthermore, a felony conviction results in the loss of some civil rights, including the right to possess any firearms.

Arlington Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Criminal charges or even an arrest can trigger student disciplinary or conduct code proceedings at the college or university that students are attending. Even if the students never face criminal charges, qualify for deferral programs, or later have the charges dismissed, the student disciplinary proceedings may still proceed.

As these administrative college or university proceedings may have severe results for the future of students involved in them, representation by an experienced student defense attorney in Arlington may be crucial.

While conduct proceedings at colleges and universities all differ to some degree, they all have some similarities. There is no right to counsel, no right to confront witnesses, or a right to the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, which are rights that the U.S. Constitution guarantees in criminal proceedings. College students involved in these administrative proceedings enjoy no such rights.

The results of college disciplinary proceedings can be grave for students who are working toward a successful career in their chosen fields. A finding of misconduct, whether it involves allegedly criminal behavior off campus or allegations of academic dishonesty, can leave permanent black marks on the academic records of students.

These students also may end up losing scholarships, being placed on probation, losing academic credits and being restricted from participating in extracurricular activities.

Speak with a Arlington Student Defense Attorney Today

In too many cases, colleges and universities impose exceedingly severe penalties for students who make a single error in judgment. The repercussions for the future of these students can be harsh, resulting in the loss of valuable scholarships, internships, jobs, and admissions to other higher education institutions. An Arlington student defense lawyer may be able to present student conduct in a light that is more favorable to college disciplinary committees and avoid some of these potential penalties.

Although criminal charges and allegations of student conduct code violations may be overwhelming, there is hope for students to emerge from these proceedings unscathed. Experienced legal counsel can be instrumental in defending students from allegations of criminal behavior and student misconduct, so call today to get started.

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