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Defenses Against Sex Crime Charges in Arlington

Sex crimes in Arlington, as in all of Virginia, are treated seriously. Someone facing these charges should consider their possible defense options. The most important initial things for someone to do if they are charged with a sex crime in Arlington are: contact an attorney immediately; have open communication with the attorney about their charges so their attorney can properly assist them; and do not speak to anyone other than the attorney, whether it is the victim, friends, or the police, about the case.

What an Attorney Looks for in a Case

Having open communication with a client, learning what happened that led up to the allegation, and learning what the accused person’s version of the story is, are all crucial parts of developing a defense. Additionally, it is important to look for any possible defenses that an individual may already have. The attorney should ask the person accused about possible evidence that could help their case, because the earlier a defense attorney gets involved, the better chance he or she has of collecting any evidence that may benefit a person’s defense. The first questions should be about really understanding what happened, building trust with the client, and making sure that all facts are provided so that the lawyer can make good decisions in addressing the charges.

Building a Defense Strategy

The defense strategy for sex crime cases depends on the circumstances of each case. Strategy is difficult, but the first step is for the attorney to have good communication with their client. An attorney needs to know what happened, so being on the same page as their client is important because it provides the opportunity to build any defenses that may exist. It is also important that the attorney be able to gather and collect any evidence which may help their client. Looking at the Commonwealth’s case to see if there are any problems with their evidence can also help the defense strategy.

Finally, utilizing the law to help convince a judge that the Commonwealth cannot prove their case is another defense strategy. For instance, using the constitutional guidelines that govern police investigation to hopefully suppress evidence can be an effective defense strategy.

Advantages of Working With a Private Law Firm

An experienced local attorney will know how police build their cases, how seriously they take it, and what evidence they collect. They will know what tools are used, the constitutional issues involved, and how these cases play out in court in Arlington. All of this can only be a benefit to someone accused of a sex offense.

A private law firm typically has several attorneys, and the benefit of that is the combined knowledge of all those attorneys can be used to an individual’s advantage. A solo practitioner is also focused on running a business, whereas when someone works for a law firm their primary focus is the law. Having combined experience from the numerous lawyers in the law firm, being able to focus on law, and being able to pool resources are all reasons to hire a law firm instead of a solo practitioner.

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