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The sex offender registry is an online registry accessible to people in the community. A person convicted of a sex offense will have to register on that list for a certain amount of time or face new charges for not registering. There is a stigma associated with being convicted of a sex offense and with being placed on the sexual offender registry. If you are facing the possibility of sex offender registry, it is important to consult with an Arlington sex crimes lawyer to discuss your options.

Charges Requiring Sex Offender Registry

There are certain offenses listed in the Code of Virginia which require people to register as sex offenders. A sexually-violent offense always requires registry. Sexually-violent offenses include the following:

  1. Rape,
  2. Forcible sodomy,
  3. Object sexual penetration,
  4. Aggravated sexual battery,
  5. Sexual conduct with a victim under 13,
  6. Attempted rape
  7. Taking indecent liberties with minors,
  8. Possession of child pornography
  9. The production and distribution of child pornography

One conviction for any of these instances will require a person to register. Some offenses require registry after being convicted of the same offense two times, such as carnal knowledge of a minor, marital sexual assault, and entering a dwelling house with the intent to rape.

Time on the Registry

The length of time that a person has to be on the registry is determined by the type of offense for which they are convicted. The more serious the offense, the longer the person will remain on the registry. There is a whole procedure on how long a person must be on the registry, as provided in Virginia Code. The Code also tells someone how they can apply to get off of the registry early. It is a very intricate area of the law and an individual can expect that if they committed a serious sexual offense, they are going to be on the sexual offender registry for an extended period of time.

Impact of a Sex Offender Registry Listing

Being on the sex offender registry is very seriously detrimental to anyone’s life. Their picture will be in public as a sexual offender, their neighbors will know, their friends can find it, their family can find it, and future employers may have access as well. It is embarrassing and can potentially ruin someone’s life.

Long-Term Implications

Since registration on the sexual offender registry is required for numerous years and is very hard to get off of, being listed can affect someone’s life for a very long period. In addition to being embarrassing, it can affect their future job prospects, security clearances, their status in the community, and even where they can go in the community.

Additionally, it can have long-term implications in that if someone does not register in time or fails to keep their information up to date, it can be a new felony. It is never good to be on the sex offender registry because it will have serious ramifications.

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