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In Arlington and the rest of Virginia, reckless driving is certainly a speeding offense, but a speeding offense is not necessarily a reckless driving charge. Reckless driving in Virginia is actually a criminal charge which is a Class 1 misdemeanor. This means that reckless driving is punishable by up to 12 months in jail and or a fine of up to $2500. Additionally, the driver faces up to a six month suspension of his privilege to drive in Virginia. En Español.

In comparison, a speeding ticket might not seem like a big deal to many people. However, speeding offenses can still have an impact on someone’s driving record and can have a very damaging impact in its own way. As long as your speeding ticket is only a traffic offense, you will not be required to show up in court and you will have the possibility of prepaying your ticket online in advance or through the mail.

However, prepaying a ticket, while convenient, will lead to penalties on your driving record. If you are interested in challenging the ticket, contact an Arlington speeding ticket lawyer for their assistance.

Ways One Can Receive a Speeding Offense

Some common ways that speeding tickets are issued is while a person is in traffic. Police officers often will wait for speeding vehicles during rush hour because there are so many people that are just trying to get through the multitude of other drivers, so it’s very common to catch many people speeding.

Also, there are some roads that have low speed limits despite being very straight with not many other roads interfering with them. It is very common for officers to sit here and have speed traps.

Prepaying a Speeding Ticket in Arlington

In Arlington, you can prepay a speeding ticket. You can do this either online or through the mail or you can go to court in person and pay at the Clerk’s office. Prepaying a ticket is equivalent to admitting that you are guilty to the charge. By doing this, you do save yourself the effort of going to court, but you also take away any possibility of having the charge reduced or dismissed.

It is important also to note that if you were charged with reckless driving, then it is not an option at all to prepay. Reckless driving is a criminal offense, it is required that the driver appear in court for this charge. It’s a good idea to double check on your ticket to make sure that you are charged with speeding and not reckless driving, as it is common for people to confuse the two.


In Arlington, speeding is a traffic infraction. Typically the penalties for a traffic infraction are paying a particular dollar amount for each mile traveled over the speed limit that the driver was going. Other possible consequences are points on somebody’s driving record for two years as well as a conviction. This can also cause insurance rates and premiums to generally go up for three years.

Seek an Aggressive Arlington Speeding Ticket Lawyer

It is important to have an aggressive Arlington speeding ticket lawyer because you want somebody who will stand by your side and fight hard for you. You do not want someone who will be shy about speaking up for your rights. It is important to have someone to listen to you and to say what needs to be said in order get the best possible result for your case.

An Arlington speeding ticket attorney can help explain exactly what you are facing, the possible consequences, and the possible defenses to the charge. An attorney can also help you navigate the complicated legal system. Many times people do not know what to say or do not understand the process of a trial and then they can accidentally do something that makes them look bad or insults the court.

Someone who has received a speeding ticket while traveling through Virginia but actually lives in a different state can also hire a local attorney to go to court and challenge the ticket on their behalf.

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