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Speed Traps in Arlington Speeding Cases

Both Virginia state troopers and the local police conduct speed traps. A speed trap is typically in an area of Arlington where the speed limit drops and an officer waits to give drivers a speeding ticket.

Getting caught in a speed trap can be frustrating, but you should not simply give up and pay your fine. There may be strong defenses available in your case, but it can be difficult for unrepresented individuals to effectively present their case in court. Reach out to a skilled traffic attorney today to discuss your situation and your legal options.

What is the Purpose of Speed Traps?

The purpose of speed trap is to keep a person fully aware of areas where the speed is going to drop pretty suddenly. That is pretty much their purpose: to put people on notice that they have to reduce their speed in certain areas.

Officers know they can get people in these areas pretty easily, and it can be an effective way for the Arlington police to issue many traffic citations. However, speed traps serve the additional purpose of calling to attention certain areas where police want to enforce state driving. The mere presence of a police officer is enough to make drivers slow down, even without issuing speeding tickets. Furthermore, when law enforcement frequently sets up traps in a certain area, word spreads, and drivers may begin to automatically slow down in those locations.

Where are Speed Traps Typically Located?

One common location for speed traps is around schools. Additionally, officers frequently set up speed traps where drivers are getting off of the highways or coming from other counties. Finally, speed traps are common in locations where the speed limit suddenly drops. Drivers may not notice a the change in speed limit, and police can then ticket them for the violation.

Generally, the danger of getting caught in the speed trap is fairly high for these particular areas in Spotsylvania. While these locations are the most common places police conduct speed traps, an officer can potentially wait and clock drivers’ speeds at any location. To avoid getting a ticket, motorists should be vigilant and closely monitor their speeds.

Role of Authority and Jurisdictions in Speeding Cases

Local county officers can pull people over on the highways, and state troopers can also conduct traffic stops off of the interstate. While drivers commonly see state troopers on the highway and local police on other roads, law enforcement can and does ticket drivers anywhere within their jurisdiction that they notice a crime.

Discuss Your Traffic Stop with an Arlington Attorney

If you were caught in a speed trap and issued a speeding ticket, you should speak to a qualified Arlington attorney about your case. While it can be tempting to simply pay your fine and move on, doing so could add points to your licenses and raise your insurance rates for years to come. A skilled attorney could analyze the facts of your traffic stop to identify all potential defenses available in your case. Call today to schedule a consultation and begin working toward a positive resolution of your charges.

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