Suspects in Woodbridge McDonald’s Shooting Arrested

Two people have been arrested in connection with a shooting at a Prince William County fast food restaurant, and authorities are alleging that the incident may have stemmed from a drug deal gone bad.

Police announced Tuesday the arrests of DeWayne Williams, 28, and Jamie Lea Bowyer, 31. The pair, which authorities referred to as a couple, have been identified as suspects in the shooting of a man at a Woodbridge McDonald’s.

According to statements made by police to the media, two people were seen fleeing the restaurant after the shooting, which occurred at about 6:49 p.m. Monday. The victim was shot in the face in the parking lot of the business and rushed to a nearby hospital, where he was treated. Witnesses said the victim went into the restaurant for help after he was shot, and an employee called 911.

Police claim that the victim went to the restaurant to meet Bowyer and that Bowyer brought Williams with her unexpectedly. Two suspects fled the scene separately, according to police, and one of the suspects allegedly ditched his vehicle in a high school parking lot before carjacking another person and fleeing in that vehicle.

Police said they were able to track Williams down with the help of a truck driver, who said a man begged him for a ride to a Montclair Burger King after claiming he was being chased. The truck driver said he offered to call the police, but the man said he had already done so. The truck driver said he refused to pick up the man, explaining to him that it was a company truck and couldn’t give him a ride. He then called police to report the exchange, and officers used the trucker’s location to zero in on the area using a helicopter, K-9, and patrol units.

Williams was found hiding under some bushes near Lake Montclair and Bowyer turned herself into authorities shortly after Willialms’ arrest, according to media reports.

Though many people might assume that this is an “open-and-shut” case, we would urge the public – and the authorities – to use caution and not jump to conclusions. Clearly the incident was a troubling one, for the victims of the alleged shooting and carjacking and for the community. That does not, however, mean that Mr. Williams and Ms. Bowyer are any less deserving of a fair trial.

As a full-service criminal defense firm, we will be watching the developments of the case closely and we hope the sensational coverage of the incident won’t overshadow the responsibility of those tasked with finding justice.

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