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Life After a Chantilly DUI Arrest

A DUI arrest and prosecution can have major effects on an individual’s life. First and foremost, it can cause a serious amount of stress on the defendant – everything from preparing for a trial to certain situations that could impact their work, their job, and their ability to continue working at their place of employment. This is going to weigh heavily on the individual. An attorney can help develop a plan, tell the individual what to expect, and guide them through the process. This allows the attorney to not only provide the measures to court but also to begin planning right away for a robust and comprehensive defense; therefore, allowing the person every possibility and chance to beat the charge.

Additionally, a Chantilly DUI attorney can act as a liaison with the individual’s employment to smooth the path and make sure that the individual has the benefit of the doubt from their employer. In some cases, they can prevent the individual from being terminated until the case has been completely resolved.

Additionally, if you are from out of state or out of the country and are arrested for a DUI in Chantilly, whether or not you can return home is going to depend on the conditions of your bond.

Employers Learning of the Arrest

The person’s employer may or may not find out independently about the arrest. Certain employers do background checks periodically or have other ways . For somebody that drives for a living, an updated driving record will show an employer that there has been an arrest for DUI.

What you need to tell your employer depends on the reporting requirements from your Human Resources department. In some cases, HR departments require ongoing reporting, which means that individuals need to report the arrest even if it is subsequently dropped or they are found not guilty.

It is going to be based on the reporting requirement of your job and the type of job that you have.

License Impact

A DUI will impact your ability to get a license in another state. Usually, an individual is not going to be able to get a driver’s license until the period of suspension or the DUI has run its course. In addition, if a person has a DUI pending, some states require that the DUI be completely adjudicated before they are even willing to look at applications in the system, which could put the licensing process on hold in another state.

Insurance Rates

The insurance company will probably find out about your arrest. The requirement to either report or not report an arrest is dependent on the insurance company. Some insurance companies require ongoing reporting in a change in status, especially change in license status. It is something that will be stated in the insurance contract with the insurance company. Chances are, they will find out, especially since they usually run periodic checks on somebody’s license.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation with your DUI attorney, you need to bring every piece of documentation you have received from police officers, the magistrate, or any law enforcement to the meeting with your attorney.

You should also probably have a written statement that you could give the attorney about what you remember from that night. It is helpful to write down as soon as the event took place in order to have a fresh recollection of what happened and build upon that when the attorney, and eventually prosecutors, are asking you questions.

Finally, a listing of your criminal history and driving history will likely be helpful to have. It will give your attorney a better idea of what the Commonwealth’s case is going to be and whether or not there are any legal restraints on you at the time of the arrest. A description of your job and your reporting requirements will help your attorney advise you on the employee process, as well.

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