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Pre-Trial Release and Bond in a Chantilly DUI

Pre-trial release is the determination that is made as to whether somebody needs to be held in incarceration prior to their court date or whether they can be trusted to be released and to reappear at trial for their court case. A Chantilly DUI attorney can help, because sometimes the factors in somebody’s case, such as their criminal history, or a combination thereof could cause the judge or the magistrate not to want to issue a bond.

An attorney could ask for a bond of motion to try to convince the judge to release somebody on bond after the magistrate did not wish to, or to even appeal the bond determination if the bond is denied or is extremely high to appeal that determination to the circuit court.

Bond Amount

The bond amount is determined based on a variety of factors, including severity of the charge, the circumstances surrounding the charge, the individual’s criminal history, whether or not victims were involved in the case, and whether or not the individual is likely to commit another DUI.

Posting Bond

Bond in Chantilly can be posted by a couple of different ways. Somebody can pay the bond the directly. Somebody can hire a bail bondsman where the bail bondsman can pay a portion of the bail bond and be in charge of the bond and the individual will pay a portion of the entire bond to the bail bondsman in exchange for the bail bondsman fronting the bond for the individual or the individual can pay the entire thing themselves.

Documents Upon Release

When a person is released from jail, they will receive their bond, which will include the amount of their bond, or if the bond is on their personal recognizance, any terms and conditions that a person needs to follow, such as whether or not the person is allowed to travel outside the Commonwealth of Virginia, whether or not the person needs to comply with supervised release and the name and address of the individual the person is to see, and whether or not there are any other terms that the person must comply with as ordered by the court prior to their trial.


If somebody does not comply with the pretrial release order and all of the circumstances that are described in it, the individual will risk losing or forfeiting their bond, being returned to jail, and losing the amount of money that they paid to get released.

Importance of an Attorney

It is important for a person to hire an attorney immediately after being arrested for a DUI because there is no guarantee that the individual is going to be released on bond by themselves. The longer they wait before hiring an attorney, the longer the delay in when the attorney is going to be able to file for bond, get that bond motion in front of the court, and be able to get that individual released. As soon as somebody has an attorney, the more likely that they are going to be able to get out on a bond.

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