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Chantilly DUI Enforcement

Driving under the influence in Chantilly is defined the same way as driving under the influence in the rest of Virginia. A person in Chantilly can be guilty of driving while intoxicated or driving under the influence if they are operating a motor vehicle on a highway in the state of Virginia or within the Commonwealth of the Virginia with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher or if they are impaired and under the influence of alcohol. Even if a person’s BAC is below 0.08 but they are impaired, they can still be charged with a DUI in Chantilly.

For this reason, it is very important that an individual contacts a Chantilly DUI lawyer right away to ensure they receive a strong defense against the charges they are facing. Furthermore, an experienced attorney can provide a person with more information about DUIs in Chantilly and how the legal process will proceed.

How DUI Charges Are Treated

Chantilly officers strictly enforce DUI laws in Chantilly. They have an investment in protecting people in Chantilly from drunk drivers and keeping them safe on the road. They do so by looking out for people who could be considered intoxicated and employing techniques such as DUI checkpoints to catch anyone who may be driving while under the influence.

When pulling people over, Police offers look for driving behavior that could affect other motorists  including the vehicle’s behavior or the driver’s behavior, which they try to crack down on to avoid accidents with other cars or innocent bystanders.

Unique Aspects of Charges in Chantilly

Chantilly DUI cases are unique because Chantilly is such a small area and the officers know the roads very well. In addition, they know what to look for and where speed limits are a little bit different.

People that get pulled over and are charged with DUI might initially get pulled over for a minor traffic infraction in Chantilly before the officer notices or suspects some type of alcohol while driving, or alcohol influence while driving. Chantilly is a small area, and the people getting pulled over for DUI cases tend to get pulled over for something a little less serious at first and then that leads to a DUI investigation once the officer is able to observe the person’s breath, eyes, and speech.

Additionally, there are nuances to the law and law enforcement practices in Chantilly, mostly in the way officers handle these cases, the way that they record these cases, and whether or not they have videos available on their vehicles.

All of these things are a little bit different in Chantilly than they are in other jurisdictions, and way the prosecutors treat the cases are going to be equally different in this jurisdiction than it would be in a different jurisdiction.

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