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Independent Blood Testing in Chantilly

For an independent blood test, the individual would submit themselves to an independent lab for testing and processing of their blood. Blood tests provide another look at not only what types of drugs are identifiable in that person’s blood stream, but also what quantities of drugs. This is extremely important because it can be used by a Chantilly DUI lawyer to defend against the police blood test should there be any difference found.

Sometimes police officers make mistakes and sometimes they are not measured accurately. If the police say that they have a blood analysis or blood workup that has one type of drug contained in an individual’s blood for which the person immediately is brought in jail, the blood samples done independently may be completely different.

Independent tests would provide a good basis for the use by the defense in the case that there was an error that caused the person to get a false positive. That could be a situation where an individual would want the independent lab results to help against the prosecution.

Expert Witnesses

If the second sample from the independent sample needs to be used in court by the judge or the defense attorney finds the independent sample necessary to be brought in as evidence, the lab examiner needs to be brought in so the prosecution is able to cross-examine them.

Often, the lab analyst will be paid for their professional time. However, they can be subpoenaed and brought in to talk about their independent testing methodologies, the results of their test, and how they interpret the results of those tests.

Sometimes, these individuals can be brought in even just as a helpful way to attack the prosecution’s evidence. They can provide a fresh look at the evidence that the prosecutor is attempting to introduce on their original blood analysis and urine analysis samples. So, an expert can be brought in from the independent lab in those situations to provide the basis for the testimony and the evidence for the defense to show the different types of blood sample analysis or to serve as a disagreeing expert based on the specific prosecutor’s analysis.

Additional Evidence

A DUI attorney is going to acquire all of the possible evidence they can for your case. If there is video available, the defense attorney will seek that out. If there are some victim or witness statements, the attorney should speak with them. If the defendant made statements, the attorney is going to need copies of those.

Additionally, they will need to speak with the arresting police officer to know what they will say. Finally, the defense attorney will look at any physical evidence that the law enforcement or prosecution has found such as any fingerprint or DNA evidence.

Finally, there may be a situation that needs to be stressed by the defendant’s doctor, for example, any evidence of other reasons why they could be exhibiting these symptoms that have nothing to do with being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There are many different types of evidence that the defense attorney is going to need. They are going to be very specific to your case and not limited to any particular area.

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