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It is imperative that citizens of Dale City who possess a commercial driver’s license know that the decisions they make behind the wheel can have a lasting effect on their driving record as well as their privileges as a licensed driver. A DUI conviction will make a driver ineligible for a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL), and with that conviction, they will lose their license. Individuals who find themselves facing a DUI conviction should immediately seek the legal guidance of an experienced attorney that is not only familiar with Dale City laws but is also familiar with trying cases similar to their own.

Facing the impact of a DUI charge can be an emotionally taxing experience that has a negative effect on an individual’s personal life and job stability, especially if he or she possesses a commercial driver’s licence and depends on their license work. They could lose their ability to work depending on the specific elements that make up their DUI case, and once a license has been taken away it cannot be reinstated with ease. It is crucial that an individual, especially one who possesses a CDL, understands the penalties that accompany these charges.

Consequences Against A CDL Holder

If a CDL holder is hit with a DUI charge, the impact of its consequences can be quite grave. If he or she is apprehended by law enforcement and is asked to perform a breathalyzer, if the results of the test read 0.04 they will be charged with a DUI. A driver with a standard license is given a DUI conviction at 0.08, which is clear indication of how imperative it is for CDL holders to make wise decisions when behind the wheel.

Also, if a person with a commercial driver’s license tests positive for any drug, regardless of that person’s driving behavior, they will be charged with a DUI and their license will be disqualified for at least 60 days. In some cases, an individual can have their license disqualified for life. Some may wonder whether or not there are special exceptions made for first-time commercial driver’s license DUI offenders, but there is not, which means whether it is a person’s first time or their fourth time they will be charged the same and given the same penalties.

With this in mind, it is certainly a much more grave situation when given a DUI for someone who has a CDL.

Long-Term Consequences

Generally, the implications of a DUI conviction for CDL holders is quite cut and dry. To receive a DUI, an individual will usually have been apprehended by an officer for:

  • Operating a motor vehicle with .04 or more of alcohol in their system
  • Operating a motor vehicle under the influence of any drug
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of a combination of both drugs and alcohol

If a police officer discovers that any of the above elements are true after pulling someone over and administering the necessary test(s), that person will automatically get a one-year CDL disqualification. If that individual has anything in their vehicle that could be considered some type of hazardous material they actually could have a three-year disqualification of their CDL.

CDL Disqualification

This type of disqualification can cause a major impact on an individual’s life. A three-year disqualification means that he or she will not be allowed to reapply for their CDL for three consecutive years if convicted and penalized by the law. This could certainly make a person lose his or her job as well as destroy their ability to garner future employment opportunities.

If a person is required to possess a CDL to fulfill necessary duties required for their job, it can certainly cause them to lose their position as well as their ability to find future employment. This ultimately depends on how his or her employment works, but typically, a disqualified CDL can have a deleterious effect on a person’s job opportunities.

An individual that has committed their second offense or subsequent offenses could be at risk of having their license revoked permanently. And for CDL holders, a DUI is a much more serious charge than it is for drivers with a standard driver’s license.

Benefits of An Attorney

It is in the best interest of the individual charged with a DUI to involve a knowledgeable attorney in their case, especially when a CDL is on the line. An experienced attorney can help their client navigate their way through the legal process as well as provide the most robust defense possible for their case.

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