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Impact of a Dale City DUI on Employment

An individual with a DUI conviction is going to face issues with regards to employment, whether they work in a public or private sector. In some cases, being arrested for an alcohol-related charge alone can pose a problem and therefore a knowledgeable DUI attorney should be contacted immediately if an individual finds that he or she is facing a charge this severe.

An experienced DUI lawyer with a strong understanding of Dale City DUI laws will be able to help their client navigate the legal process, as well as build a strong defense for their case. In the event that there is a conviction, having legal counsel will be crucial. A lawyer will be able to negotiate on behalf of their client, and in some cases, they can mitigate the penalties that they will face.

Informing An Employer of a DUI

Depending on the conditions of his or her employment, a person may have a continuous responsibility to inform their employer of any new or pending criminal charges. This may be a requirement in either a public or private sector; certain employers within both sectors require clearances in which a person is required to provide ongoing disclosures of any kind of criminal record.

DUIs are generally considered to be substance abuse charges that are a result of an individual’s inability to control their substance abuse problem. With this in mind, an employer will often attribute certain characteristics to an individual who has a DUI, such as:

  • Drug and substance abuse
  • Unreliability
  • Lack of impulse control

In the government sector especially, a DUI can be devastating. If an individual is seen as unreliable or is seen as having a substance abuse problem, this person could generally be a liability to the government.

Stigma of a DUI Offense

With regards to a conviction, it can be extremely problematic within the public sector, especially if a person drives for a living. A DUI conviction of any kind would probably exclude a person from most jobs that require them to operate a motor vehicle, especially if he or she is a bus driver or works for a car service. If convicted, a person is usually excluded from these types of positions.

In a similar sense, a DUI can have a deleterious effect on an individual’s employment within the private sector. Sometimes a misdemeanor conviction of any kind will warrant someone’s removal from their government job or the loss of their government clearance. It is always best for someone to discretely check with their HR department whether in the private or public sector if they are unsure of their employers’ company policies.

Impact on Future Employment

If a person has a DUI on his or her record, it can and will impact a person’s chances of getting a job. An admission of a conviction will eliminate many jobs and will also leave an individual susceptible to the stigma that is associated with a DUI conviction. Many employers will make the assumption that such a conviction means a person lacks impulse control and they are unreliable, which creates an unwillingness to hire someone with a record.

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