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Gun charges are treated seriously by law enforcement because any time a firearm is involved or present at the scene of a crime there is the possibility of serious injury or death. These cases are different than other cases because whenever someone is charged with a gun charge there is some concern that there has been a serious danger to someone else. Police and prosecutors, therefore, take these charges quite seriously.

With that said, a Dumfries gun lawyer can help both in building a defense and preparing those accused of what to expect throughout the legal process. A private defense attorney will also have the benefit of resources at their disposal including the use of private investigators, who can help investigate the facts surrounding the offense and re-interview witnesses that may have an impact at trial.

Common Firearm Offenses

Some of the most common gun offenses that Dumfries gun lawyers deal with include brandishing the firearm, reckless handling of a firearm, concealing a weapon without a permit, and in some cases, a felon in possession of a firearm.

There are a number of places in or near the Dumfries area where residents as well as visitors hunt. As such, there are particular times during the year when hunting licenses are issued for use in that area, so gun safety and gun charges are seen frequently in that context.

Gun Transportation

When people transport their firearms to Dumfries they are subject to the same laws that apply anywhere else in the Commonwealth of Virginia. When traveling through that area, which includes the I-95 corridor, citizens of any state should be aware that it is illegal to conceal a weapon without a permit. That can even mean tucking it in your clothing or having it in a closed container in a vehicle. Furthermore, someone convicted of a felony is not permitted to possess a firearm in the state of Virginia and should, therefore consult with a gun attorney in Dumfries if accused of gun possession.

Local Ordinances

The ordinances and the laws that apply in Dumfries regarding concealed carry are similar to what is found throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia. Generally, if a person is going to conceal a weapon, either on a person or in a vehicle and keep it out of plain view or observation, they have to have a concealed carry permit.

Potential Penalties

In Dumfries, gun offenses are treated very seriously by prosecutors. There seem to be situations in that area or the surrounding areas where gun violence or gun accidents occur, which pose a public safety concern. Prosecutors treat these cases seriously and are often aggressive in their prosecutions.

Most gun offenses are either a Class 1 misdemeanor or a Class 6 felony, depending on the type of charge. The most serious gun offenses in Dumfries are ones that involve either an injury to a person, such as malicious wounding, or charges that involve a felon being in possession of a firearm.

Advantages of an Aggressive Dumfries Criminal Lawyer

It is important when facing gun charges to have an experienced Dumfries gun attorney who understands not only the laws that affect Dumfries and the surrounding area but also understands the importance of Second Amendment rights and the ability to keep or to get a concealed carry permit. These are particular kinds of cases that have particular kinds of evidence. As a result, an experience is invaluable in defending these cases and bringing to bear the best tactics to help an individual beat the charges or get the best pleading that they can under the circumstances.

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