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Fairfax Domestic Violence Penalties

When someone is convicted of domestic violence, there are serious consequences. The penalties range from fines to no-contact orders. It is important that someone who is facing these offenses attains and experienced attorney who can assist them during this process. A person is going to need to build a strong defense and have a strategy. Fairfax domestic violence penalties can have long-term consequences.

If you are facing domestic violence charges, you will want to consult a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer who understands the local policies. It is important to begin building a strong defense strategy. An attorney can help you determine the best course of action based on the facts and evidence of the case.

Potential Consequences

The Fairfax domestic violence penalties include incarceration, fines, no-contact orders, being placed on probation, and requirements to complete classes or other treatment that might be ordered by the court.

There are a number of long-term consequences of a conviction. Long term, a conviction for domestic violence can affect someone’s employment, it can affect their custody or visitation case, either the one that is going on currently or one to come many years down the road. In addition to that and perhaps related to those other things, there is a social stigma that is involved with being convicted of a violent crime or a crime against a family member. Once someone is convicted in Virginia, there is no expunging or removing that from a person’s record as there is in other states. That is something that will be with someone for the rest of their life. They will also be prohibited to possess firearm or ammunition under federal law.

Enhanced Penalties and Aggravating Factors

There are a number of things that can make a sentence more severe or that can be thought of as aggravating factors for Fairfax domestic violence penalties. For example, there is bad behavior on the part of the defendant. Something that is particularly violent or something that is particularly mild can all be things that lead to a stronger message getting sent by the court. In addition to that, a person having a prior record makes a significant difference. If someone has any other crimes of violence in the past, they are much more likely to get a severe response from the court on a conviction or in the present case.

Civil Protection Order

A civil protective order will affect a Fairfax domestic violence case to the extent that there is a protective order in place at the time that the offense took place. This is something that is particularly problematic, especially if someone violations a protective order, which is a new offense. That is something that will draw a severe response from the court. Beyond that, having a protective order entered does not automatically make a person guilty at trial nor can it be used as evidence at trial that a person ought to be found guilty.

Contacting an Attorney

If someone is charged with domestic violence, they should contact a domestic violence attorney immediately because there are a number of proactive steps that they can take in preparing their case that will assist them at trial. There are also a number of common mistakes that get made that a local attorney can help them avoid. The sooner someone talks to a lawyer, the better they make the odds of having the best possible outcome in the case.

If you are facing domestic violence penalties in Fairfax, a skilled lawyer can help you. They understand the local policies and can determine how you should proceed during this time. A civil protection order can be problematic in court and you will want an attorney who can assist you through the hearings.

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