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In Virginia, someone can be charged with a violent offense if they harm a roommate. An assault against someone who is defined as a household or family member can be charged with domestic violence. However, if the person is in a romantic relationship with their roommate or they are related to the roommate in someone way, they may find themselves charged with domestic violence. Violence and domestic violence charges are serious, and if someone is accused of either of these charges against their roommate, they need to find an experienced Fairfax roommate violence lawyer.

Violence against one’s roommates is considered an offense that falls under one of the other Virginia statutes that encompass crimes against a person such as assault and battery, malicious wounding, unlawful wounding, strangulation, or some other crime involving violence. If you are charged with assault against a roommate, you will need to build a strong defense and hire a knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer.

Consequences of A Conviction

The most immediate consequence is that the person who is going to have a criminal charge pending on the courts and their criminal record will show that they have an active, open case. They may even find that there is a protective order that is issued against them in favor of their roommate telling them that they cannot come home.

The long-term consequences of a conviction are that a person is going to have a crime of violence on their record. That is something that can hurt them in a variety of ways including being able to get work, being able to transfer jobs, or for any purpose where the person would have a criminal background check. This can limit someone’s options in the future as well as cause problems in the short-term.

Building a Defense

If someone is falsely accused, it is important to create a record as soon as they can of everything that happened, to write down what they recall, and to begin to compile evidence in their favor. The most important thing that someone to protect themselves is to begin talking to a Fairfax roommate violence lawyer because the steps they are going to want to take in any particular case are going to be dependent upon the facts of that case and only an attorney can help someone to know exactly what they should do.

Contacting an Attorney

If someone has been charged with a crime involving violence against their roommate, that can be something serious. It is something that can be treated the same way as other serious forms of violence, and because of the fact that people are living together and that there may be a protective order issued, a person, in addition to having a criminal record and punishment, may also have their living situation at risk. It is important to consult a Fairfax roommate violence lawyer right away if charged.

If you are charged with an injury against someone living in your house who you are not related to or romantically involved with, you could face assault charges. It can be critical to attaining a dedicated lawyer. There can be immediate and long-term consequences if you are facing these violence charges. It is especially important to hire an attorney if you have been falsely accused because they can review any evidence, and determine the best course of action for you.

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