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Fairfax Gun Arraignments

When someone is arrested on a gun charge, they are usually taken to jail and booked while they wait for an arraignment. During the arraignment, the judge decides if the person is eligible for release and how much the bond is going to be. Fairfax gun arraignments are complex, which is why someone who charged with a firearm offense should seek the services of a seasoned lawyer. A defense attorney could challenge the charges while keeping your best interests in mind throughout the legal process.

Releasing the Defendant on Bond

During the arraignment, the judge is likely to release a person on bond. It depends on the facts surrounding the crime, sometimes if the magistrate did not make the right decision based on what is there to hold them with that bond, the judge will reverse it. However, the judge can deny bond in certain circumstances. Many times, once the magistrate sets the bond, the judge is not going to make any new determinations and they will ask the person that is charged if they want an attorney.

Like many charges agreements, the judge is not going to mess with bonds, they are going to wait and let a bond be put up by an attorney.

Danger to the Public

People who are charged with gun charges could be considered a danger to the public under Virginia law. This depends on the severity of the firearm offense. Part of the reason for a bond is what amount of money can sufficiently keep the public safe and also ensure that the individual returns to their court date. In gun cases, there is a presumption against the fact that any combination of factors would be able to get the person from committing another crime or injuring the community while they are out of jail. This is why the bond is initially denied in a lot of cases.

Flight Risk

A person being considered a flight risk would be someone who is not showing up to court for serious charges. Gun charges are not necessarily more of a flight risk than other offenses. It is more severe and there is usually a presumption against the bond, but people facing firearm charges are not usually considered more of a flight risk.

How an Attorney Can Help

A knowledgeable lawyer could help the defendant by pointing out to the judge that the person does not have a criminal record and the person has never failed to appear in court. An attorney could other gather the facts of the case and see if there is weak evidence against the defendant. There are many other ways a defense lawyer could help you if you are facing Fairfax gun arraignments. This is why it is essential for you to contact a well-trained attorney as soon as possible so that you could have someone stand by your side during your arraignment.

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