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Fairfax Gun Arrests

Fairfax gun arrests can occur for a number of reasons. However, most-likely the individual will be charged with a form of unlawful possession. It can be critical to speak with a lawyer about understanding the process following one’s arrest and how the charges may impact their life.

A common misconception is that the individual will be told why they are being arrested. A person may not be able to speak with a distinguished firearm attorney until after they have spoken with the magistrate. The magistrate decides whether or not to issue bond. When someone is booked, they are usually allowed to contact an attorney.

Common Gun Arrest Scenarios

An individual could get stopped for a minor traffic case and find a firearm in their possession while searching their vehicle. If someone used a firearm in an incident, they could be pursued by the officer that shows up on the scene for the alleged incident.

Fairfax gun arrests are sometimes tied to other criminal cases. It will be cases like robberies or assaults with weapon, things like that, those are situations where somebody right away would be with the gun and they will be taken into custody because of the gun charge.

Cases Where the Officer is Unable to Make an Arrest

A little less common would be situations where somebody was reported to have a gun and the police were not able to ascertain who it was. They could discover their identity based on eyewitness testimony, video before approaching them with a warrant for Fairfax gun arrests.

Booking Process Following a Firearm Arrest

If someone is facing charges in Fairfax, they will then be brought in front of a magistrate who will decide what charges need to be issued against them based on what the officer testifies to. They also determine the bond or the denial of bond.

What Happens if Someone is Denied Bond?

If a person is denied any bond they will have a first appearance or an arraignment usually the next business day. At their arraignment, they are advised by the judge as to what they are charged with, the fact that they can hire an attorney, or they are going to get an attorney appointed to them. They will also get a court date set.

Role of Law Enforcement in Fairfax Gun Arrests

Fairfax law enforcement generally chooses when to arrest the person based on when the crime occurred. A person’s guns do not have to be registered here in the state of Virginia so it is generally a situation where if a person is under arrest for a gun crime here in Fairfax, it is going either going to be where they have a gun and they have not been be able to explain that because it is not theirs or it is not the right type of gun for them to be owning.



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