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Traffic offenses are going to be any type of offenses that are related to driving a vehicle or having it on the roadway in Falls Church. If you have been stopped for a traffic violation, contact a Falls Church traffic lawyer for proper representation and defense against the prosecution.

Potential Penalties

The potential penalties for the infraction in Falls Church will vary depending on the traffic infraction. For example, the penalties can be a fee of $50 for an improper driving charge up to $250 for a speeding ticket.

More serious infractions include reckless driving or driving on a suspended license and these offenses are going to be up to 12 months in jail, potential loss of the individual’s driver’s license for a period of time and fines up to $2,500 because they are considered misdemeanor offenses.

Misdemeanor Offenses

Common traffic offenses that are more serious than one may think include reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident. A reckless driving charge is a misdemeanor offense in Falls Church, VA. Additionally, leaving the scene of an accident, even a small one such as bumping into a car while parallel parking and then leaving, is taken very seriously by the court.

Traffic offenses can vary in severity depending on how much damage occurs to another vehicle and whether or not there is another individual in the car at the time that the damage occurred. Any type of an accident case where there are injuries is much more serious that one might think here in Falls Church.

Reckless driving occurs when a person is driving over 80 miles per hour, or more or 20 miles per hour or more over the speed limit.

Felony Offenses

Circumstances where a traffic offense might be considered a felony include a hit and run when an individual is injured, leaving the scene of an accident after causing extensive damage to the other vehicle or attempting to elude a police officer.

Defense Strategies

Generally speaking, attorneys will be looking at the police reports and check their information such as machine calibration, where they were sitting when they recorded the speed, as well as their observations of the situation which can be one of the most critical things in building a defense. The police officer’s observations will, most of the time, make a difference between a guilty and not guilty finding.

Other pieces of evidence the Falls Church traffic lawyer will look for include videos of the trooper or the police officer’s vehicle, whether or not any pictures were taken, and statements of eyewitnesses if there are any.

The traffic defense attorney in Falls Church, VA will go over the entire incident with the defendant. It is often helpful to write down the timeline and any observations that you made, including any people that saw you and the places that you were in so that the attorney can conduct a full investigation

Assistance of an Attorney

A Falls Church traffic lawyer can help immediately following a charge. The attorney can help you understand why you were charged and look at the details of your case so that they can help prepare a robust defense to whatever traffic charge you have.

A traffic attorney in Falls Church might recommend that you do certain things, such as take traffic courses or have your vehicle inspected, prior to your court date to help your defense. Even if these actions do not dismiss the charges you are accused of the judge or the prosecutor would look more favorably towards reducing your charge or to offering an agreeable plea deal.

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