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An individual facing a license suspension is often burdened with many overwhelming legal tasks. These processes can be quite complex, and should only be handled using an experienced lawyer. The penalties for driving with a suspended license can sometimes be harsh and is not a charge that should be taken lightly. A knowledgeable Falls Church license suspension attorney can craft a strong case which can help lessen any penalties you may be facing.

Challenging a License Suspension

When a driver’s license is suspended, there are a few ways to challenge this. The most important thing to note is that the person had to have noticed that their license was suspended. This notice can be given in many different ways. A Falls Church license suspension lawyer will be able to best determine whether or not this notice was given effectively.

Notice can be given in court if the court says they are suspending the individual’s license. Notice can also be given by mail to the individual’s mailing address, as long as the mail is properly received. Lastly, notice can be given in person by a police officer if the officer states that the license is suspended. In one way or another, that notice must be able to be proved or achieved.

License Reinstatement

If somebody’s license has been suspended due to a period of suspension, and the license suspension period has run out but the person has not reinstated their license yet, then they can not be convicted of driving with a suspended license.

For example, if any license was revoked due to a DUI conviction, and then the revocation period ended but the individual failed to reapply for a new license or failed to formally reinstate their license, they will not be able to be convicted of driving under a suspended or a revoked license.

A Falls Church license suspension attorney will have to look at the reason behind an individual’s suspension, and whether or not that is a valid reason for the license to continue to be suspended.

Role of an Attorney

When defending a person charged with a traffic violation, a Falls Church license suspension lawyer will be there as an advocate in the courtroom, in front of the judge, and also before court with the police officer, when the individual is getting the police officer’s evidence, and with the prosecutor when they are negotiating a favorable outcome for their client.

The attorney can also work with the DMV or with certain driving programs to try to get an individual to be able to have a certificate from a driving school completion prior to the court date.

A Falls Church license suspension attorney can let you know what is likely to happen in your case and whether or not you need to take further action like doing community service, or anything further that may be the best use of your time prior to trial.

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