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Falls Church Demerit Point System

The penalties for traffic infractions can vary greatly in the state of Virginia. The Falls Church demerit point system has various statutes in place, which dictate how many demerit points are associated with different traffic offenses. It is important, if you are unsure of the penalties associated with your specific traffic charge, to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. An attorney can best help guide you through this legal process.

Point System in Traffic Law

The Falls Church demerit point system, as it relates to traffic law, is a system that was created by the Virginia Department of Private Motor Vehicles. When an individual is convicted of a traffic violation, the court will notify the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles. An individual would be subjected to having points added to their license whenever they commit and are convicted of an offense that carries demerit points. The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles will do a few things with this violation, including:

  • Putting the conviction on the individual’s driving record
  • Assigning the individual demerit points according to the severity of the offense
  • Issuing an order of suspension that only applies to the individual
  • Issuing an order requiring the individual to complete a traffic school that applies to the individual’s case
  • Notifying the individual’s insurance company

The point system is necessary. It is created by the DMV, run by the DMV and maintained by the DMV. The courts have no control over the point system.

The Falls Church demerit point system ranges from three-point offenses, which are the lowest level, up to six-point violations or six-point offenses which are the highest level. In each level, there are various different charges. These points, for each one, will stay on an individual’s driving record for various times depending on the severity of the charge.

Benefits of Contacting an Attorney

An attorney can attempt to have any charges dropped on the individual’s behalf. The Falls Church demerit point system can often be complex, which is why a lawyer is invaluable in all situations. If an individual is concerned about having points on their driving record, or facing traffic charges, they should absolutely contact an attorney, even if it is just for a minor traffic infraction.

An attorney has the ability to work with the prosecution, and they can come up with creative solutions. For example, perhaps the prosecution can be convinced to amend it to something that does not carry any demerit points. Further, an attorney can also advise an individual on whether or not their offense will carry any points, how many points that will be, how that will affect their ability to continue driving, and the potential loss of insurance.

Traffic Charges and Infractions

If an individual is facing traffic charges, they should hire an attorney immediately. Because a traffic offense could carry with it high penalties such as potential suspension of license, an increased insurance note depending on what the individual is charged with, and continued administrative cost and other ramifications, the assistance of an attorney is crucial.

Even if an individual is charged with a minor traffic infraction, having an attorney by their side who is able to guide them through the process and help them get either a dismissal, a not guilty, or an amendment to something that does not carry any points will prevent the individual from having to go through the process themselves. This could end with the individual being convicted and given high fines, court costs, and increased insurance premiums because of this kind of defense.

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