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Fredericksburg DUI Alcohol Education Programs

Following a DUI conviction, there are many consequences a person could face. A person could face serious fines, incarceration, and in some instances, mandatory alcohol education programs. If you want to know more about Fredericksburg DUI alcohol education programs, speak with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer that could answer your questions. Speak with a capable legal advocate that could fight for you.

Alcohol Safety Action Progam (ASAP)

The state alcohol education course is the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program usually known as ASAP. This is a required course for anyone who is convicted of DUI and is a two-hour-per week course that lasts about 12 weeks. Also as part of the course, individuals are required to take several AA classes and may be required to complete additional therapy as well. There are no other programs offered for DUI in Fredericksburg. Traffic school is a different program than an alcohol education program. In some instances, it is helpful to complete a traffic school. A traffic improvement course is either an eight-hour or a 12-hour course. They will have a different focus and a different approach than an alcohol safety program and it is important to complete both types of programs

Under What Circumstances Would ASAP Be Mandatory?

ASAP is a mandatory requirement for anyone who is convicted of DUI or anyone who is convicted of possession of marijuana or who goes through any kind of a drug deferral program. ASAP is also a requirement for anyone who is convicted of a reckless driving charge that involves alcohol or of a charge involving underage drinking and driving with lower blood alcohol content than a standard DUI. The Alcohol Safety Action Program will be required in each of those cases.

It is possible for an individual to enroll in ASAP without a court order, but the ASAP program varies. Enrollment requirements vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so some individuals can enroll in an ASAP without a court order, other individuals will be required to have a court order before they can enroll in ASAP in their jurisdiction.

Who Runs These Programs?

Fredericksburg DUI alcohol education programs are run by the state government. Although there are different offices in each locality, ASAP is run by the office of probation. There are probation officers in charge of the ASAP program and it has a central operation in the state. But there are differences from county to county because when a person enters into ASAP, the program will be transferred to a person’s local county and local probation officers with the local ASAP officers conducting that program in a person’s local county. There are online options for DUI education but there are no online options for ASAP.

Incentives for Alcohol Education Programs in Fredericksburg

Completing the alcohol education program can show that someone charged with a DUI is taking proactive steps to ensure their compliance with the law, and they are addressing any problems they have so they will not be a danger to the community. It also shows their interest in satisfying the court that they are going to be a productive member of society and are taking charge of their situation.

It is a good idea to approach Fredericksburg DUI alcohol education programs or any required classes with an open mind and with the understanding that this type of class is worth whatever a person is willing to put into it. Some individuals are able to get a lot of value out of completing these programs and classes because they put some effort into the program and try to understand their situation from the program’s perspective.  Whereas, other individuals who may get nothing from the program may not be trying as hard to effectively use the time spent in the program to their benefit.

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