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Ignition Interlock in Fredericksburg DUI Cases

An ignition interlock is an alcohol-detection device attached to a vehicle to prevent the vehicle from being started until the potential driver is able to give a satisfactory breath sample. This device will not allow the vehicle to be started if alcohol is detected on the individual’s breath. Every time the driver attempts to turn the keys to start the vehicle, they have to blow into the machine to give a breath sample. If you have any questions about ignition interlock in Fredericksburg DUI cases, contact a knowledgeable DUI attorney.

Ignition Interlock Device Circumstances

Since the Virginia law was changed in 2012, every individual convicted of a DUI in the state has to have an ignition interlock installed on their vehicle if they want to be able to obtain a restricted operator’s license following their license suspension. This means it is not mandatory for everyone convicted or accused of a DUI, but that anyone who wants to be able to drive legally must have a restricted operator’s license and an ignition interlock to be installed in their vehicle.

How long the ignition interlock in Fredericksburg DUI cases is required to be on the vehicle depends on the circumstances of the case, but it will be for a minimum of six months. Only after this will most courts allow the driver to petition to have their driver’s license fully restored.

Installing the Ignition Interlock Device

A restricted license for someone convicted of a DUI allows them to drive only a vehicle with an ignition interlock installed. That means the sanctions legally prohibit drivers from operating other vehicles if they do not have the interlock system. The installation of an ignition interlock device will allow the someone convicted of a DUI to travel to and from work, school, and other approved destinations.

The interlock system comes with a mandatory $65 ignition interlock fee. In addition, the cost of having it installed could be up to $500 per vehicle.

Can Someone Challenge the Installation of the Interlock System?

Most people do not respond favorably to having an alcohol-monitoring device installed in their vehicle, primarily because there are difficult to maintain properly and many individuals have trouble using them. However, these devices can be helpful for individuals who require a restricted license.

Under current Virginia law, people in every DUI conviction are required to have an interlock system if they want to be able to drive legally for a specified period. There are no exceptions when it comes to ignition interlock in Fredericksburg DUI cases, which means there is no way to challenge it. After the specified period, an individual can apply to have the ignition interlock removed from their vehicle.

How a DUI Attorney in Fredericksburg Could Help

An attorney could help with the installation process of the ignition interlock device by recommending places where the defendant can take their vehicle to have it done. Also, lawyers could inform the individual of the importance of following the instructions of the device to minimize the possibility of a negative malfunction. For more information about the ignition interlock in Fredericksburg DUI cases, consult with an experienced lawyer.

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