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Fredericksburg DUI Group Therapy Options

While a DUI offense can lead to incarceration, there are some actions an individual can take in order to mitigate the severity of the consequences that they face. Fredericksburg DUI group therapy options are just one of the ways that individuals can show the courts that they are trying to make changes and atone for their actions. In other instances, they can serve as an alternative to incarceration. If you want to know more about group therapy and how it could help with your case, speak with a knowledgeable DUI lawyer that could answer your questions and help you.

DUI Group Therapy Activities for People in Fredericksburg

Some of the Fredericksburg DUI group therapy options available to people are the same as those in the rest of Virginia. Everyone convicted of a DUI in Virginia is required to complete the Virginia Alcohol Safety Action Program (ASAP). In addition to the state-mandated ASAP course, a variety of private individual and group therapy programs are available to people facing DUI charges and preparing for trial.

Some of the specific discussion topics in group therapy sessions include how to approach and deal with the practical issues with court coming up and with issues that come up in trying to follow the court orders to abstain from alcohol use.

Victim Impact Panels

Victim panels are just one of the Fredericksburg DUI group therapy options that someone can consider. Virginia provides a victim-impact panel that consists of a letter or a series of presentations by people who have been victims of a drunk-driving incident. Most of them have been involved in car accidents involving people driving under the influence, and the panel members present their stories that highlight the dangers and the personal effects that driving under the influence can have in the community. Victim-impact panels generally are non-government programs put together by a public non-profit organization and sometimes they are recommended by the court.

The role that victim-panels play in DUI cases is satisfying a requirement that many individuals convicted of DUI must complete one. Some individuals in ASAP also are required to complete one. In addition, it may be beneficial for someone facing charges to complete a victim-impact panel voluntarily prior to their first court appearance.

Who Organizes Victim Impact Panels?

Victim-impact panels exist at the county level and their requirements differ from county to county. In some counties, people convicted of DUI will be required to participate in a victim-impact panel as part of fulfilling a court requirement. Usually, they will be required to complete a victim-impact panel within 90 days of their conviction or to complete one as part of their completion of ASAP.

Victim-impact panels in the Fredericksburg area are organized by different non-governmental organizations. Mothers Against Drunk Driving organizes victim-impact panels all across the country and does many of them in Northern Virginia. There are also organizations that are connected with the court, such as Offender Aid and Restoration, that organize victim-impact panels in Northern Virginia. If an individual wants to know more about victim impact panels and other potential Fredericksburg DUI group therapy options, they should consult an accomplished attorney that could guide them.

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