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Driving under the influence of any substance can have serious consequences and can lead an individual to face a variety of penalties. A person does not even need to be under the influence of an illegal substance to be charged with a drug DUI.

With that said, there are certain illegal drugs that are more likely to arouse the attention of police officers or law enforcement officers. These drugs are ones that would produce hallucinations or other erratic behavior. However, any type of drug that impairs a person’s driving behavior, even if they have a prescription for it, is going to be something that can get a person arrested for a drug DUI.

If you are facing a drug DUI, it is important for you to contact an experienced Fredericksburg DUI drug attorney who can help you to fight these charges. A skilled DUI lawyer can build a defense and try to mitigate any potential penalties you face.

Types of Illegal Substances

The most common substance that triggers charges of DUID in Fredericksburg is marijuana. Further, any kind of higher level of a specific illicit drug like cocaine or heroin certainly is going to trigger a drug DUI.

If a person is under the influence of some kind of sleeping medication—if a person takes Ambien or something at night and it is still in their system in the morning when they are driving, then coupled with erratic driving behavior, that could lead to the basis for a drug DUI arrest.

There is an entire gamut of available drugs that could lead to a drug DUI because it is anything that would cause a person to have driving behavior that is going to be erratic or to be impaired under Virginia law. A Fredericksburg DUI drug lawyer intimately understands the laws surrounding these charges and is a great asset if a person has been arrested.

Prescription Drugs

Even an over-the-counter medication can constitute a drug DUI charge in Fredericksburg. The same method is going to be illegal under the influence of any drug, even an over-the-counter drug that is going to impair a person’s driving abilities.

As long as there is the impaired driving, the presence of any drug in a person’s system could potentially be the basis for a drug DUI charge and a drug DUI lawyer in Fredericksburg is needed.

DUID Stop Process

Drug DUI stops are very similar to a standard DUI stop. There are not many marked differences in DUI drugs driving behavior versus a regular DUI driving behavior. Both are going to have similar indicators for police officers to look for and to pull somebody over.

Those are going to be weaving, erratic driving behavior, and certainly violations of traffic law. Any of the same signs that a person would think is an indicator that somebody is doing a DUI is probably also going to indicate that it could be a drug DUI.

Once a person is pulled over, though, these signs are going to be markedly different. When conducting any appropriate field sobriety testing, it will be easy to distinguish between behavior if there is not going to be the smell of alcohol. There could still be bloodshot eyes and there could still be slurred speech, but it is probably going to be more about the motor skills and there is also going to be an element of drowsiness that is often common in drug DUI cases in Fredericksburg. Officers are trained to look for these specific indicators. Although many of them track the indicators in a DUI stop, at some point, it is going to be slightly different. To defend against these indicators, a DUI drug attorney in Fredericksburg is essential in disputing any allegations that arose during a stop.

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