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Fredericksburg DUI Drug Testings

In the event of being accused of driving while under the influence of drugs, you may be quite confused and stressed. Fredericksburg DUI drug testings may only add to that as they may be seemingly invasive. By contacting a talented DUI drug attorney, you could learn more about the process of these tests and make sure they are being conducted properly with your case. Reach out to a Fredericksburg criminal attorney today for a free case evaluation.

Tests Administered by Officers to Determine Drug-Induced Impairment

When an officer has probable cause to believe that a driver is impaired by drugs, the officer may request the individual has a blood taken for Fredericksburg DUI drug testings. The blood could be drawn by a certified nurse while in police custody until the blood sample is transferred to the Department of Forensic Science. Since the Department of Forensic Science could be analyzing a sample of an individual’s blood or substances in the blood, blood tests could be considered very reliable.

Although testing the sample itself does not take a significant period of time, it could take quite a while for a blood test to come back from the Department of Forensic Science based on the department’s caseload and their staffing. The timeline may change frequently, but it is not uncommon for blood sample results to take weeks or even months to come back. There may be a problem with an individual sample that shows incorrect results or has problems testing, but it may be with the chain of custody of the sample or with some other technical aspects, rather than the test itself.

Could These Tests Pick Up Other Substance Such as Medications?

There could be a wide range of drugs that may be implicated in driving under the influence cases, but the most common drugs related to DUI arrests are marijuana, painkillers, and anti-anxiety medications. The blood analysis performed by the Department of Forensic Science could detect a wide range of substances, both illegal/illicit substances and substances that are legal, as such as prescription drugs and over-the-counter medication.

Fredericksburg DUI Drug Examination Refusal

Refusal to take a blood test may be treated the same as the refusal to take a breath test. Virginia is an implied consent state which could require any individual who is suspected of driving under the influence to submit to a breath test or blood test. If a breath test is not available and there is probable cause for arrest, an officer could choose to initiate Fredericksburg DUI drug testings.

If an individual is suspected of driving under the influence and the officer has probable cause for arrest, if that individual refuses to take a blood test, they could end up with civil penalties for a first offense and possible criminal penalties for a second or subsequent offense.

Contacting a Fredericksburg DUI Drug Attorney

Dealing with the implications of DUI drug arrest could be a difficult experience especially when enduring it alone. Reach out to a skilled attorney today that could help further prepare you for potential Fredericksburg DUI drug testings.

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