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Fredericksburg DUI Drug and Alcohol Interactions

The use of drugs or alcohol while driving is taken seriously in Virginia, especially if both have been found to be occurring at the same time. Individuals may also become unknowingly intoxicated due to the mixing of drugs and alcohol which may warrant different consequences and issues while driving. The mixing of drugs and alcohol could also affect the way that a DUI is prosecuted in several ways depending on the facts of that specific case.

The ranges of penalties are the same whether someone is arrested for a DUI related to drugs or DUI related to alcohol. Prosecutors may be harsher on cases involving the use of illegal substances and could lead to charges of possession of controlled substances. By contacting a dedicated DUI drug attorney, you could understand potential penalties, and learn more about the implications of Fredericksburg DUI drug and alcohol interactions on your case.

Affect of Drug and Alcohol Usage on DUI Prosecutions

In cases where alcohol is a factor and drugs are not immediately suspected, a blood test may not be administered. A blood test could also be administered immediately and those results may be available for the prosecution. There is no difference in penalty for a DUI related to drugs or alcohol, but it is common for prosecutors to be harsher on certain DUIs involving certain substances that are a problem in the community.

How Could Mixing Alcohol and Drugs Affect the Defense’s Argument?

The defense of a DUI case involving the mixture of drugs and alcohol may have to be determined by the specific facts of the case. If there is only a suspicion of drug use and no proof, it may be important for the defense to use that to their knowledge for the defense.

In cases like these, a blood test, may not have been administered making it difficult for the prosecution to prove that the defendant was under the influence of both drugs and alcohol. It may be necessary to consult an expert witness who could testify as to Fredericksburg DUI drug and alcohol interactions and the way that they may have affected the driver.

Prescription Drugs and Driving Impairment

It is not uncommon for people to have unexpected reactions to drugs, especially when mixed with other drugs or with alcohol. A driver could be arrested and subsequently stand trial for DUI even if they are properly taking prescription medication if any combination of drugs or alcohol in that person’s bloodstream impairs their ability to drive safely.

Fredericksburg DUI drug and alcohol interactions could often cause one or the other substance to have a stronger effect than it normally would, leading an individual who may not expect to be intoxicated to find themselves very impaired.

Litigation in Fredericksburg DUI Drug and Alcohol Cases

In a situation in which an individual unexpectedly becomes intoxicated due to Fredericksburg DUI drug and alcohol interactions, it could be important to have an accurate blood test as soon as possible. It is also very important to consult with a seasoned DUI attorney who may have connections with reputable expert witnesses.

With the use of these witnesses, they could discuss the possible drug interactions with the attorney and inform the attorney of the likelihood of the mixing of substances causing impairment. This expert may be asked to testify at trial regarding the levels of impairment and how that drug interaction could have caused impairment or may not have caused impairment in a particular case.

Reach out to a Fredericksburg DUI drug attorney that could begin helping with your case. Call today for a free case evaluation.

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