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Speed Limits in Fredericksburg

A speed limit is a mileage per hour designated by the state legislature as to how fast vehicles should be going on a particular stretch of road or highway. They are usually researched very heavily as to what the appropriate speed should be. Speed limits are put in place by law, and people are, by law, required to follow them.

If a person drives over the speed limit, an officer has the right to pull the driver over and give them a ticket. Depending on how fast the individual was going, they could be facing a speeding ticket or a reckless driving charge. If you are facing a traffic charge, reach out to an experienced lawyer today. Read below to learn more about speed limits in Fredericksburg.

What is a Presumed Speed Limit?

In some places, Fredericksburg has a presumed or basic speed limit. On the interstates, it is generally 65 miles per hour, or no higher than 70 miles per hour. Drivers need to watch out for those speeds on interstates such as I-81, I-66, and I-95. There are other highways that are generally a 55 mile per hour zone. That is the assumption that should be made within the DC metropolitan area on I-95 and I-495, and the areas of 270 and US-50 that are all around the DC metropolitan area. In a residential neighborhood, the presumption is 25 miles per hour. In business districts, it is usually 30 or 35 miles per hour.

Presumed speed limits are speed limits, based on the area the driver is located, that the driver should assume if they do not see a posted sign.

Basic Speed Limit

A basic speed limit is the same as a presumption of the speed limit, which is the speed at which it is normally expected that the person will drive depending on the area they are in. For a residential area, it would be 25 miles per hour.

Absolute Speed Limit

An absolute speed limit is generally the speed limit that is posted. If a person sees a 55 miles per hour sign, then that means they can go no higher than 55 miles per hour. They can go lower than 55 miles per hour, but usually there is a minimum speed limit as well. In other words, they can go no faster than 55 miles per hour but they can go no slower than another amount, which is usually 40 miles per hour. These speed limits exist because exceeding them actually creates a hazard and a risk to the other drivers on the road.

Call an Attorney About the Speed Limits in Fredericksburg

If you have any questions about the speed limits in Fredericksburg and how an attorney could help you, contact an accomplished criminal lawyer today. A speeding offense could lead to points on your driver’s license, fines, and raised insurance rates. And if you were charged with reckless driving, you may be looking at jail time as reckless driving is a criminal offense. Call today to learn more about speed limits in Fredericksburg and how a well-versed legal professional could advocate for you.

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