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Speed Traps in Fredericksburg

A “speed trap” is not a legal term, but it is a common term used to designate when an officer sits in an area that is not readily observable so that the officer can catch speeders going by, who are not able to slow down once they have seen the officer.

There are different ways that officers may legally place their vehicles to hide them from view, creating different kinds of speed traps. In some instances, one officer uses a radar to clock cars going by, and another officer follows the driver who has been detected for speeding.

The purpose of a speed trap, while it may generate revenue, is to ensure that people are obeying the speed limit laws even when officers are not around, and they think no one is watching.

Read below to learn more about speed traps in Fredericksburg. And if you are facing a traffic charge for speeding, reach out to an experienced speeding ticket lawyer today.

Fredericksburg Speed Traps

Speed traps in Fredericksburg are legal as long as officers are not specifically targeting a class that has protection. As long as the officers are not specifically targeting drivers due to their race, sex, et cetera, they are allowed to conduct speed traps.

Officers in Virginia can wait in areas in which the speed limits change to ensure that people slow down and obey the law. This can be a form of a speed trap.

Many of the common examples of speed traps are on the interstate. The officer may stop in a turn, roundabout, or even on a hill to look for speeders before the speeding drivers can change their speed.

How Long Does a Person Have to Slow Down After a Posted Speed Limit Change?

If a speed limit change occurs with no prior warning, a person has a reasonable amount of time to slow down. However, if a posted notice of the coming speed limit change is available, such as a sign alerting the drivers to the upcoming change, then the person is expected to have slowed down by the time they pass the new speed limit sign.

Defense Against a Speed Trap

The only real impact of a speed trap on a defense is that the officers usually have good evidence in the form of radar or lidar readings. People in Fredericksburg should know that speed traps exist, so they should obey the speed limit or risk heavy fines and other possible penalties.

However, a seasoned lawyer could fight for someone facing a speeding charge and help them reach a favorable resolution to their case.

Call a Fredericksburg Lawyer About Speed Traps

Speed traps in Fredericksburg are commonly used to catch drivers who are driving over the speed limit. If you have been stopped and charged with speeding, you may want to seek the services of an accomplished lawyer today. A skilled attorney could advocate for you and possibly help you get your ticket thrown out or penalties mitigated. Call today to learn more about how a lawyer could help you.

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