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Criminal Enforcement in Henrico County

Like other jurisdictions, Henrico County, Virginia takes criminal offenses very seriously and do their utmost to prevent and/or penalize criminal behavior. Protect yourself and read on for information about what charges local law enforcement are extra focused on and why.

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Investigative Agencies in Henrico County Criminal Cases

The main agencies that investigate crimes in Henrico County are the Henrico County Police and the Virginia State Police. They do the majority of the work in Henrico County. On occasion other agencies will get involved like the FBI or the DEA; however, that’s more of the exception than it is the rule. Typically it’s either the Henrico County Police or the state police.

Law Enforcement Crime Priorities

Henrico County officers are trying to crack down on DUI, drug cases, and then recently actually prostitution issues. They’ve always been very tough on DUI cases due to the public safety concerns. There are major roadways in the area that are heavily traveled, so prevention of DUI is a very imminent public safety concern.

Obviously with the growing of the county and the access of the drugs in the area, drug cases have become a high priority and again that’s another public safety issue because of the other crimes that come with drug use and abuse like theft and violence and things of that nature.

Recently, they’ve begun vigorously prosecuting prostitution cases. Again, as the county has grown, drug use has developed and with that comes issues like prostitution. This also is a public safety and quality of life concern for the county.

Henrico County Prosecutorial Priorities

Prosecutors in Henrico County are very tough on DUI cases, drug distribution cases, and larceny cases. Obviously they’re tough on the DUI cases due to the public safety concerns in the county with the major roadways in the area. The County has taken a zero tolerance policy on DUIs.

With regard drug distribution cases, Prosecutors have been cracking down vigorously. As the County has grown so have drug issues which bring additional issues of violence, larceny, prostitution, things of that nature. As a result prosecutors have been very strict in punishing these charges.

Additionally, they’ve taken a very active role the last several years on larceny cases mainly just because of the growing commercial industry in the area. There are a number of new and very prominent malls that have gone up in the area, so charges like shoplifting and petty larceny that were once treated with a light hand have now become very high priority for prosecutors to serve as a deterrent in the county.

Charges Courts Take Very Seriously

The courts take DUI and drug charges very seriously; judges in particular take DUI charges very seriously, because it is a public safety issue and the judges very much want to send the message throughout the county that DUIs simply will not be tolerated.

They also take a very strong stance against drug cases for a number of reasons. Number one is the public safety concerns, but number two is that the crime is inherent with the drug trade, so the judges take an active role in either sentencing or recommending pretty vigorous counsel in drug cases.

Role of Criminal Defense Attorney

The main role of a defense attorney in Henrico criminal case is to investigate the facts, interview the witnesses, to review the case information and evidence. An attorney needs to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to convict and then figure out how to establish a defense for your client or mitigate the punishments.

In other words, which legal defenses can you raise to fight the charges and/or what mitigating factors can you raise to try and get leniency for your client.

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