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If you are charged with reckless driving in Henrico County or anywhere else in Virginia, you may need legal representation. Our Henrico County reckless driving lawyers are experienced and adept at representing clients charged with all types of motor vehicle offenses, including reckless driving. Therefore if you have been accused, a reckless driving lawyer in Henrico County should be one of the first contacts you make.

Working with a Henrico County Reckless Driving Attorney

Most people regard reckless driving as just a little bit more serious than careless or improper driving. However, Virginia classifies reckless driving as a criminal misdemeanor, conviction of which results in a criminal record and all of the negative consequences that flow from that.

Henrico County reckless driving lawyers routinely handle a wide spectrum of reckless driving cases for both Virginia residents and those individuals who have received charges while passing through the state.  There are a number of advantages that come from hiring private legal representation, including:

  • The possibility of handling your case remotely, in the event that you are an out-of-state driver
  • The peace of mind that comes from having an experienced local attorney who knows the roads and understands how to fight the charges effectively
  • The potential for effectively pleading down to lesser charges after your lawyer negotiates with the prosecution.
  • The potential to have your charges dismissed entirely by demonstrating that you are not at fault, or that you were not driving recklessly

All cases are unique, which is why it is important to call today to speak with a Henrico County reckless driving lawyer about your case. By conducting your initial consultation, you’ll give us the information necessary to begin working on a defense strategy.

Types of Reckless Driving in Virginia

There are numerous types of reckless driving charges in Virginia. The most common are:

  • Reckless driving by excessive speed
  • Reckless driving that threatens a person’s health or property
  • Reckless driving that results in the failure to maintain control of a vehicle

Reckless driving by excessive speed

Many out-of-state-drivers and even Virginians are shocked to learn that traveling at 81 mph, regardless of the speed limit, subjects the driver to the criminal offense of reckless driving.

Virginia law provides:

  • A driver exceeding the speed limit by 20 mph or more over the speed limit or driving over 80 mph (regardless of the speed limit) is guilty of reckless driving. (Virginia Code Section 46.2-862).

There are also subjective criteria by which a law enforcement officer can charge a driver with the crime of reckless driving if in the opinion of the officer issuing the ticket:

  • The driver was exceeding reasonable speed under the circumstances (for example, weather) and traffic conditions. (Section 46.2-861)

However, there are also a number of effective defense strategies that can be employed by a Henrico County reckless driving lawyer in an effort to have those charges dismissed entirely or seriously reduced.  Call us today to see which strategies may apply to your case.

Reckless driving that threatens health or property

There are a host of underlying motor vehicle offenses in Virginia, such as improper passing, failure to signal properly, racing, or driving a vehicle that has forward or sideward obstructed vision because of loading or passenger placement, that can result in a reckless driving charge if the circumstances suggest that there was a threat to a person’s safety or property.

Reckless driving resulting in the failure to maintain control of a vehicle

Driving dangerously in the following locations may result in a reckless driving charge:

  • Church
  • School
  • Recreational facility
  • Business
  • Government property driveways or parking lots
  • Structures used as parking areas
  • Highways

Even if no other vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle incident, and there is not even a situation that suggests an imminent threat to the health or property of an individual, a driver can be found guilty of reckless driving in Virginia for not maintaining proper control of a vehicle due to any number of reasons, including improperly adjusted brakes or excessive speed.

A driver who is found to be “driving dangerously” faces the enhanced criminal charge of reckless driving if there are circumstances that endanger the health and/or property of anyone in certain places.

Virginia Reckless Driving Penalties

Reckless driving in Virginia is a class 1 misdemeanor and can result in up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine of up to $2,500 (Section 18.2-11(a)).

There are considerable enhancements for the crime of reckless driving, such as if the offense occurs under circumstances where the driver was driving without a valid license (suspended or revoked), there was a death of an individual in the underlying motor vehicle accident, or the driver was using a handheld device.

Call a Henrico County Reckless Driving Lawyer

Call our firm today if you have been accused of reckless driving. By speaking with a Henrico County reckless driving attorney as quickly as possible, you can start building a defense that can mitigate the impact of these charges and get you back on the road with minimal interruptions.

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