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Attitudes towards marijuana are changing, and, as a result, marijuana possession cases are treated differently than other drug cases in Henrico County. Prosecutors are more open to negotiating resolutions for pot possession cases. First offense cases can often be dismissed with community service and a minor license suspension. In some first offense cases, prosecutors will agree to amend the charge to paraphernalia, depending on how the drugs were found, where they were found, and an individual’s prior record. Despite these lighter penalties it is important to remember that marijuana possession is still illegal in Virginia, and anyone facing these charges should still work with a marijuana possession lawyer in Henrico County to mitigate or eliminate the consequences.

Marijuana Possession Laws in Henrico County

Something everyone should know about being charged with marijuana possession in Henrico is that, despite changes in other states, marijuana possession is still illegal in the state of Virginia. It can result in a license suspension of up to six months. It can also result in a jail sentence ranging from 30 days to several years in prison depending on the amount of weed found and where it was found. Even with changing attitudes concerning marijuana, it is still advisable for anyone facing a pot possession charge to consult with a Henrico County marijuana possession lawyer about contesting their charges.

Decriminalization in DC and MD

The recent changes in marijuana laws in some states such as Maryland are actually affecting how Henrico County prosecutors treat these charges. Prosecutors in the area generally do not treat them as seriously as they used to. However, it is important to keep in mind that weed possession is still illegal and can result in some serious punishments.

Defending Marijuana Possession Cases

Defending marijuana cases is often different from defending other drug cases, because Henrico County marijuana possession attorneys are often able to negotiate with prosecutors to get the charge reduced, amended, or taken under advisement. In cases with harder drugs, prosecutors are less likely to negotiate. In many of these cases, attorneys can attempt to get a possible felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor or get misdemeanor charges amended to less severe penalties.

There is more leniency from the judges and juries in Henrico County in these cases, because the drug involved is marijuana. Marijuana is considered less severe than a harder drug. With marijuana, the courts and juries do not see the violence and health issues that develop with other drugs and have thus lessened their stance on marijuana due to changing attitudes.

Long Term Impact of Charge

The long-term implications of a marijuana possession charge can be significant. It can result in a drug conviction on the person’s permanent record, which can create a social stigma, and it can also affect their ability to drive. Any conviction for marijuana possession or drugs in the state of Virginia results in a six months loss of license. This can affect the person’s employment if they are required to drive for work. It can also affect their insurance. All of these consequences may be able to be avoided, or at least mitigated with the assistance of a marijuana possession attorney in Henrico County.

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