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Henrico County Drug Possession Lawyer

Drug possession is a very serious charge in Henrico County. A lot of factors can go into how serious the charge is and how it is treated. These include the type of drug that is found in possession, where the person is arrested, such as near a school or with minors, and if any weapons are found with the drugs.

In addition, drug possession charges are greatly affected by the person’s prior criminal record and/or any other prior possession charges. Whatever factors may be playing into the drug charge it is always wise to consult with a Henrico County drug possession lawyer who can build a strong defense and possibly limit or eliminate the penalties and consequences.

Enforcement of Drug Possession Laws

Drug possession is a priority for law enforcement officers in Henrico. To enforce drug laws, the law enforcement officers watch for drug possession charges involving harder drugs, like cocaine, heroin, or methamphetamines. These harder drugs are a particular priority as they can have a worse impact in the community. Although marijuana possession is still illegal throughout the state of Virginia, law enforcement are harsher with the harder drugs.

There are diversionary programs in Henrico County. First offender programs are offered on most drug possession cases. In addition, a drug court helps repeat offenders through treatment. The Henrico Jail also operates the Rise Program, which is an in-jail treatment center that can benefit individuals and help mitigate some of the damages in these cases.

Benefits of a Henrico County Drug Possession Lawyer

It is very important to obtain an experienced Henrico County drug possession lawyer when facing these charges in Henrico, because drug charges can have a significant impact on both a person’s family and professional life. Charges can result in jail sentences, high fines, and long term license suspensions. An experienced local attorney can raise issues regarding how the drugs were found, if the searches were proper, and how the drugs were tested.

Building a Defense

Drug possession attorneys in Henrico County will look for probable cause for the stop and/or the search and seizure that resulted in the drugs being found. In addition, they look for chain of custody issues regarding the drugs and how they were handled from the officer to the Division of Forensic Science, where the drugs are tested to determine what they are. They will look at the results of these tests as well. Then, the attorney will look at the statements clients made regarding possession to determine if they realized the drugs were in their control. They also look at what options are available for treatment and/or diversionary programs versus incarceration.

Constitutional Issues

There are constitutional issues which can arise in Henrico County drug possession cases. The most common constitutional issues that arise in drug cases involve search and seizure issues regarding how the drugs were obtained, how probable cause was obtained, and how an officer was able to locate the drugs.

Mistakes to Avoid

The biggest mistake to avoid in drug possession cases is attempting to handle the matter without a local Henrico County drug possession attorney. These cases can be extremely serious. Even with a misdemeanor charge, individuals think because of changing attitudes towards drug use the court will treat the case differently, but that is not the true.

Another mistake is for individuals to talk to detectives or law enforcement officers without first speaking with an attorney. They do not realize that their statements, even if they are cooperating, can be used against them.

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