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Any type of theft charge in Leesburg is a cause for concern. Even petty theft is a criminal offense where a conviction can result in a jail term. Thefts involving large dollar values are felonies that can often require long prison sentences.

However, if you are facing allegations of robbery, regardless of the dollar value of the items involved in the incident, a conviction will bring severe consequences. Robberies are always felonies that carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence. In fact, robberies can carry sentences of up to life in prison. It is easy to see why people facing robbery charges must take extra caution.

A Leesburg robbery lawyer could help you when facing allegations of robbery in a Leesburg court. an experienced theft attorney can help to discover the relevant evidence in the case, talk to witnesses, and build a defense that may allow you to avoid the harsh penalties that come with a robbery conviction.

What is a Robbery?

A robbery is just another form of theft. However, most thefts are done behind an owner’s back or involve some form of deception. Robbery is a different type of theft altogether.

According to VA Code §18.2-58, a robbery is a theft that is achieved through the use or threat of force. The statute specifically states that the mere threat of force that is enough to place an alleged victim in fear of serious bodily harm justifies a robbery charge.

The statute lists a collection of actions that may count as a threat or use of force including:

As a result, a robbery charge is likely if a defendant is alleged to have taken property of another person through the use of violence. Something as simple as stating, “Give me your wallet or you’ll be sorry,” may certainly qualify. A Leesburg robbery attorney could help defendants to understand what robbery is and to identify the prosecutor’s justification for filing charges.

Helping Defendants to Stand up for Their Rights

The penalties for a robbery conviction are always harsh. The statute states that a conviction is always a felony regardless of any extenuating circumstances. In addition, the required punishment for a conviction is five years in prison. More serious cases, such as those involving the use of a firearm of those that result in serious bodily injuries may bring up to life in prison.

It is also possible that a robbery charge may accompany other serious accusations. For example, using a weapon to threaten the wellbeing of another person may count as assault with a deadly weapon. It is not uncommon for defendants to face multiple charges related to a single incident. It is essential to mount a vigorous defense.

A robbery lawyer in Leesburg would recognize that every case is unique. They can work tirelessly to conduct their own investigation into the incident and to prepare a defense molded to every clients’ circumstances. This could include filing evidentiary motions to prevent the admission of damaging evidence, working to discredit any witness statements, and aiming to push back against the prosecutor’s case at every opportunity.

Reach Out to a Leesburg Robbery Attorney Today

If you are facing allegations of robbery in Leesburg, you need to act immediately to protect your future. Prosecutors and courts are obligated to take these charges very seriously, and a conviction carries a required prison term.

A robbery can include an instance of alleged theft that involves the use or threat of force. Therefore, even a simple taking of a purse accompanied by a verbal threat may bring these serious charges.

A Leesburg robbery lawyer could help you to mount a vigorous defense. This can include taking steps to argue for reasonable bail, pushing to exclude potentially damaging evidence, and taking the case to trial if that is what is necessary to preserve your rights. Contact an attorney today to discuss your robbery charges.

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