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For many people, owning a firearm is a fundamental right. Many people enjoy hunting and shooting practice. People also keep guns to ensure their safety and security at home and out in public. The laws in Leesburg place restrictions on your ability to own certain kinds of weapons and where and how you may carry them outside of your home. The rules may be confusing and it is easy to do something that may appear to be a violation.

It is vital to be aware of precisely what the law allows and how to stay in compliance. You may find speaking with a Leesburg gun lawyer who understands how the rules operate and how you can enjoy the privilege of firearm ownership without running afoul of the law helpful. Begin gathering information on how you can protect yourself from a conviction and stay on the right side of the government by consulting an accomplished criminal attorney immediately.

Gun Laws in Leesburg

There are federal and state laws related to firearms. While a violation of federal gun law may seem more intimidating, a lawyer in Leesburg could help even if a person was facing federal prison. The criminal procedure for both sets of laws is similar. People may possess guns in this state. They may also stand their ground if threatened and openly carry a firearm. People may transport their guns from their home to their place of business, to a shooting range or a gun repair shop. They may also engage in the sport of hunting. But there are some limits on exercising these rights.

Firarm Restrictions

The government has placed restrictions on how a person may enjoy these rights, which are found in the Code of Virginia §§18.2-279311.2. What follows is a short list of prohibited acts:

  • Waiving a gun around,
  • Intoxicated hunting,
  • Carrying a concealed weapon with no permit,
  • Attempting to purchase a firearm unlawfully,
  • Possessing a weapon without a permit,
  • Owning a machine gun,
  • Bringing a gun into a church, airport or school area,
  • Acting recklessly with a firearm,
  • Shooting a firearm in a public place,
  • Using a weapon while committing an illegal act.

As a seasoned Leesburg attorney could explain, it is also a separate offense to have a gun nearby when a person commits a violent act or a drug crime. The government does not care if the person actually used the weapon or even if the gun was functional at the time the criminal activity took place.

Possible Penalties for a Gun Crime Conviction

If the government convicts a person of a gun crime, the court may sentence that person to prison, to pay hefty fines or to do probating. None of these are fun, but there are also other harms which may follow a conviction, such as a loss of reputation or the loss of the right to have a firearm if the conviction was for a felony.

Most gun-related offenses are Class 1 misdemeanors, for which the court can only send that person to jail for a maximum of one year and order that person pays a fine of no more than $2,500. But if the court convicts someone a third time for a gun law violation, that is a Class 6 felony. The government may send someone to jail for over a year for a felony, and the convicted person may have to alert future employers about the felony conviction. No matter what gun crime penalties a person may face, a Leesburg lawyer could champion their case.

Let a Leesburg Gun Attorney Help

Owning and using a firearm may be a joy for you. You may want to protect that right as much as you can. Get in touch with an attorney who can explain to you the firearm laws and help you understand any accusations you may be facing.

A Leesburg gun lawyer may be a valuable tool as you fight to protect your rights, freedom, and future. Do not delay in reaching out and learning more.

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