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Common Criminal Charges in Leesburg

Some common criminal charges in Leesburg are petit larceny, shoplifting and similar property offenses. Additionally, alcohol- related violations such as underage possession of alcohol, drunk in public, DUI related offenses, and drug offenses are all among the most common charges.

If someone is facing a charge of this type, they should not wait to get in touch with an experienced Leesburg criminal lawyer who can provide assistance through the case process. Call today and schedule an initial consultation.

Difference Between Felony and Misdemeanor Charges

In Leesburg, as with the rest of the Commonwealth of Virginia, there are two levels of offenses. First are felony offenses. Felony offenses are punishable by a minimum (Class 6 felony) of 1 to five years in a state penitentiary or up to 12 months in jail and/or a fine, all the way up to maximum (Capital and Class 1 felony) which are punishable by life or in extreme cases, the death penalty. At English common law, from which most of Virginia’s jurisprudence is derived, felonies were the offenses punishable by death.

While the draconian principles of law have changed, the term felony still denotes the most serious offenses. For someone facing a felony charge, it is absolutely crucial they hire an experienced Leesburg criminal attorney for their defense.

Misdemeanor offenses are punishable by up to 12 months in jail and/or up to a $2500 fine for Class 1 misdemeanors all the way down to Class 4 misdemeanors, which are offenses that only include a fine of up to $250.

Examples of Charges

Common examples of felony offenses in Leesburg are grand larceny, firearms crimes such as possession of firearms by a person not permitted to possess one, simple possession of schedule 1 or 2 controlled substances such as cocaine, ecstasy, heroin, distribution of controlled substances or distribution of greater than 1/2 ounce of marijuana. Property related financial crimes such as embezzlement, forgery, robbery, and uttering are also felony offenses.

Some examples of misdemeanor offenses include DUI, reckless driving, possession of marijuana, assault, destruction of property when the property is valued at less than $1,000 and other minor offenses such as petit larceny and shoplifting.

Mistakes to Avoid When Facing Leesburg Criminal Charges

The biggest mistakes that can be made if you are charged with a crime in Leesburg is to do nothing and hope the charge goes away — it won’t. Regardless of if you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, it is important to keep in mind that they both have serious consequences attached.

Mismanagement or lack of care will likely damage your record and future. The most prudent course of action is to contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in Leesburg right away.

In addition, the other most common mistake is trying to work on the matter on your own between yourself and the law enforcement officer. The law enforcement officer is not there to look out for your best interests. They are out there to protect the public and enforce the law.

If you are in trouble with local law enforcement officials for a criminal offense, call a Leesburg criminal defense lawyer right away.

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