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If you are facing allegations of prostitution in Leesburg, it is understandable to be intimidated and confused. The laws in Leesburg are strict when it comes to prohibiting any sexual conduct in exchange for anything of value. In addition, the potential penalties for a conviction are harsh and can include the required payment of a fine or even a jail term.

A Leesburg prostitution lawyer may be able to help you avoid this fate. A skilled criminal law attorney could work with you to gather the relevant evidence in your case that could serve to disprove the prosecutor’s case. An attorney can also work with discretion and diligence to protect your reputation in addition to fighting your case in court.

The Law That Prohibits Prostitution

Most people understand that it is illegal to trade sex for cash. While this basic interaction is certainly illegal in Leesburg, in reality, the Commonwealth’s laws prohibit a wider variety of behavior. Under VA Code §18.2-346A, it is illegal for any person to receive anything of value in exchange for any sexual act.

As a result, prostitution charges may follow an exchange of not just cash but also for property. It is not uncommon for police to arrest someone after an alleged purchaser provides a hotel room, a meal, or a cell phone. Additionally, any sexual act may violate the statute. Instances of oral sex, fornication, or even adultery are illegal by law.

Finally, it is not necessary for the exchange to take place. A prosecutor can secure a conviction if they can prove merely that a defendant offered to make the exchange. In this way, undercover operations may often result in arrests without any sexual contact. A Leesburg prostitution attorney could help defendants understand the law as it applies to their case.

Defending Client Rights in Prostitution Cases

While prosecutors are able to convict defendants upon the mere offer to commit a prostitution offense, this does not mean that a conviction is automatic. A prosecutor must still prove that a defendant intended to make an exchange of goods for a sexual act.

Proving intent in criminal cases is notoriously difficult, especially in cases where a police officer is unlikely to personally witness the supposed criminal activity. Unless a prosecutor can obtain physical evidence such as text messages that indicate an intended exchange, their claims will often rely upon circumstantial evidence.

An experienced attorney could build a defense centered around discrediting this weak evidence and cross-examine any witnesses on the stand to impeach their credibility before juries. They can also work to present an alibi that could place defendants in a different location altogether at the time of the alleged offense or to offer the idea that any sexual contact between the two people was consensual and free of a property exchange. Every case presents with unique challenges, but a prostitution lawyer in Leesburg could work to develop a plan that meets your needs.

Talk to a Leesburg Prostitution Attorney Today

Allegations of prostitution may leave you feeling embarrassed and intimidated. The mere arrest for these charges could place you in a vulnerable position and a conviction could have long-lasting consequences. While these charges are misdemeanors, a conviction will create a criminal record and could result in jail time.

A Leesburg prostitution lawyer could fight by your side to help prevent this from happening and argue for fair bail terms, dispute any legally questionable police work, and present a defense to juries designed to protect your freedom. Call today to learn more.

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