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When a student makes an error in judgment or commits a crime, they can face the same criminal charges and penalties as others, as well as disciplinary sanctions from their college or university. Because these consequences can have long-lasting effects on your education and personal life, you should contact a McLean student defense lawyer if you are facing a disciplinary hearing with your school.

Legal representation can be instrumental for individuals who are unaccustomed to dealing with the criminal justice system or university conduct proceedings. With the guidance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, college students may be able to achieve a better outcome in their cases. When your future may be at stake, you cannot afford to proceed without invaluable legal advice.

Criminal Offenses College Students May Face

In some situations, college students face low-level misdemeanor criminal charges, many of which involve alcohol. For example, college students, who are under the age of 21, may face charges of underage possession of alcohol, usage of fake IDs, and DUI. Indirectly, alcohol consumption may contribute to other criminal charges, such as:

Additional common criminal charges that college students may face include shoplifting or larceny, possession of marijuana and other controlled substances, and weapons charges. In some cases, particularly for younger college students with no previous criminal record, diversion programs or other alternative sanctions may be available. A student defense attorney in McLean could advise an accused student on how to approach a college disciplinary depending on the charges against them.

Potential Consquences

Depending on the accused student’s situation, they may have to serve a term on probation, complete community service hours, or attend alcohol education courses. Additionally, a judge may require them to undergo drug and alcohol testing, engage in substance abuse counseling, or complete anger management courses.

For some criminal convictions, the impact can be more significant. Students facing felony charges could end up incarcerated or getting a license suspension if they were charged with a DUI.

A permanent criminal record also could inhibit a student’s ability to gain employment or housing, and students typically must disclose criminal convictions when applying to graduate or professional schools, which may risk their chance at admission.

Student Disciplinary Proceedings

Even if students never face criminal charges, college administrative bodies may still impose sanctions against them accordingly. These proceedings are quite different from those that occur in the criminal justice system, which can make getting legal assistance essential.

Students face a lower standard of proof and often must demonstrate their innocence affirmatively. They may have no opportunity to retain legal representation, confront their accusers or witnesses, or exercise other rights as they could in a criminal case.

Additionally, the outcome of these proceedings can be harsh, leading to probation, loss of scholarships, suspension, and expulsion. A McLean lawyer who has experience in defending students could help an individual navigate through these disciplinary proceedings.

Call a McLean Student Defense Attorney for Advice

From criminal penalties to disciplinary sanctions, student misconduct, whether it occurs on or off-campus, can have devastating implications. A permanent criminal record, student disciplinary proceedings, and other consequences may compromise your ability to obtain internships, secure a job, and attain admission to graduate or professional schools.

A McLean student defense lawyer could offer you legal advice if you are facing disciplinary action against your school. To schedule a consultation, call one of your dedicated attorneys today.

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