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Child abuse in Virginia is considered to be any harm committed upon a child. It could include physical violence, emotional abuse, and neglect, depending on the circumstances of the case.

Once child abuse has been reported, an investigation will be opened to look into the circumstances of the allegations. The law enforcement will investigate to see whether criminal charges are appropriate and usually the Department of Social Services will investigate to see whether the child needs to be removed from the home pending further action by the court.

Child abuse charges can lead to significant penalties and long-term repercussions. Fortunately, a seasoned Mecklenburg County child abuse lawyer could advocate for you and help you reach a favorable outcome to your case. Call today and schedule a consultation with a skilled domestic violence attorney.

Consequences of a Child Abuse Charge

When a child-abuse allegation has been made, the potential immediate consequences are that the individual who has been accused could be held in jail without bond, even if they are given a bond. They could be separated from their family and have to find and maintain housing elsewhere. Also, it could result in a preliminary and possible permanent protective order that would prevent them from having any contact with their children.

The potential long-term consequences of a conviction for child abuse depends on the type of conviction. Some could be resolved as a misdemeanor matter and others could be resolved as a felony matter. For the latter, they will have a felony conviction on their record, resulting in many severe consequences, including an adverse effect on their employment and the possible loss of all custody and visitation with any of their children. The individual could also be facing expensive fines and possible jail time. Therefore, it is crucial for a defendant to obtain a child abuse lawyer in Mecklenburg County as soon as possible.

How the Criminal Case Can Impact a Civil Case

A criminal conviction of child abuse can affect the civil aspects of custody or visitation based on the fact that if someone has been found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of committing child abuse, that will strongly inform the decision-makers on the custody and visitation matters. It also will affect any other family law matters that might be associated with their civil case.

The civil case has the result of ending child custody and allowing only supervised visitation while the criminal case is pending. It could affect the ability to defend against the case and it will limit their communication with certain family members, if not all family members, and could inform their criminal proceedings. It is important to note, however, that the outcome of the civil case will not determine the final outcome of a criminal case. The criminal case will require a higher standard of proof before a criminal conviction can be obtained.

Contact a Mecklenburg County Child Abuse Attorney Today

The consequences of child-abuse allegations are very serious, long-lasting, and even permanent. It is imperative for a defendant to hire a Mecklenburg County child abuse lawyer immediately. By obtaining a lawyer as soon as possible, the attorney could begin gathering information and researching applicable law to prepare the best defense possible and achieve the best outcome for them and their case.

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