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False Accusations in Mecklenburg County Domestic Violence Cases

False accusations in Mecklenburg County domestic violence cases occur just as frequently as they do in any other type of case. It is hard to put a specific percentage on how many accusations are false because very often, in domestic violence cases, the alleged victim and the accused have made inconsistent statements throughout the course of the investigation. That is another reason why it is critical for an accused person not to make statements if they expect to be charged with domestic violence.

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Why Might Someone Falsely Accuse Another of Domestic Violence?

The most common reason for someone falsely accusing another person of domestic violence seems to be the motivation to get that person out of the house. Usually, following a domestic violence charge, someone will be arrested and an emergency protective order will be put in place, and that means the accused will not be able to return to their house until after the trial. A domestic violence charge secures the removal of a person from the house and provides leverage for the alleged victim against the accused.

Protecting Oneself From Allegations of Domestic Violence

The most important thing a person can do to protect themselves from allegations of domestic abuse is not to engage in any domestic violence. Whenever an argument is getting heated, if someone walks away at that moment, it makes it much harder for anyone to accuse them of domestic violence because they will have the evidence of walking away. That is especially true if they can get someone on the phone at the moment that they are leaving to have them be a witness that they are leaving and not engaged in any conduct against the potential accuser. It is also crucial that once they are alleged to have engaged in domestic violence, that they contact an attorney as soon as possible and provide that attorney with absolutely all relevant information related to the incident. A lawyer who is knowledgeable about false accusations in Mecklenburg County domestic violence cases could help protect the accused individual’s rights.

Steps to Take to Help Maintain Innocense

The most essential step that a person charged with domestic violence can take is to hire an attorney as soon as they expect to be charged or have been charged. Providing the attorney with all the information, no matter how good or bad it makes the accused look in the eyes of the attorney, and being completely honest with the attorney is the best thing they can do to maintain their innocence and make an acquittal more likely after trial.

Domestic violence penalties are severe. Therefore, it is crucial that a person hire an attorney as soon as possible so that a defense of the charges can be thoroughly prepared. Those consequences include possible incarceration, loss of firearm rights even for innocent purposes such as hunting, removal from their home, possible child custody and visitation consequences, and the possibility of leaving their personal property behind while they are away from the home. A domestic violence accusation can severely impact one’s life in many ways.

Evidence Used to Build a Defense

An attorney will compile evidence in the form of statements by all those involved, including the alleged victim, the accused, and witnesses to the incident, and evidence or lack thereof of physical injuries to the alleged victim. The attorney also will try to compile evidence related to the nature and history of their relationship.

The lawyer will present that evidence at trial through the witnesses called in the defense of the accused. Under those circumstances, they can elicit evidence through testimony during cross-examination while the prosecution is putting on its case.

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