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Mecklenburg County Fraud Appeals

In most cases, people have a constitutional right to appeal any conviction. The success of that appeal will depend on the specifics of the original trial. Appeals are generally only filed if there is a reason to believe that the prosecution or judge made an error during the first trying. Unfortunately, if a defendant accepts a plea deal or pleads no contest, they have waived their right to appeal. If you believe that there was a mistake with the initial trial, leading to your wrongful conviction, contact an experienced attorney today to start your Mecklenburg County fraud appeals process. Justice may be available to you by pursuing an appeal on your case.

How a Lawyer Could Help With The Appeals Process

Innocent people are charged with all sorts of crimes, and if that crime is fraud, it is essential to contact an attorney as soon as possible. A fraud appeals lawyer in Mecklenburg County could advocate for the defendant during the appeal process. After a conviction, it may be difficult to find allies, but an attorney could work to overturn the conviction affecting your life.

The fraud appeal process depends on the specific reasons and basis for the appeal, but very often it involves gathering the requisite trial materials to send to the appellate courts to file of a petition for appeal, followed by a brief supporting that petition. That can very often include simultaneous appeals to the court of appeals of Virginia as well as the Supreme Court of Virginia. It can take a substantial amount of time, sometimes as long as two years, for an appeal to be pursued to completion. An attorney with experience appealing cases is necessary to navigate this arduous and complex process.

Reasons for Filing an Appeal

A person should consider the likelihood their appeal will succeed. By consulting with an attorney, a defendant could identify any issues with the appeal and which court will hear the case. Knowing these tenets of the appeal before going to court could allow an attorney and the defendant to build a stronger defense.

If a person is satisfied with the results they got after the trial or after their plea deal, they probably will not want to file an appeal. Very often when somebody has entered into a plea deal or plea agreement, that is a signal they do not want to appeal because they have said they want the court to accept the terms of that specific agreement. Before accepting a plea deal, it is important to talk to an attorney to fully understand what may be at stake.

Hiring an Attorney to Help in Appeal

Appeals are very sensitive cases because they must be litigated with extreme precision. It is easy to miss or waive issues during the appellate process if the attorney does not have experience and familiarity with appellate rules and practices. An experienced appellate attorney could guide you through the Mecklenburg County fraud appeals process and ensure that your case is given due diligence. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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