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Embezzlement is taking money or property from a person’s place of employment. Embezzlement occurs when an employee takes advantage of the trust and access they are given to do their job. Embezzlement is a very serious criminal charge that carries potential jail time as a penalty. If you have been accused of embezzling from your place of employment, a Mecklenburg County embezzlement lawyer could help defend you. A seasoned defense attorney could act as your advocate and advisor from arraignment to trial.

Why a Defendant Should Contact a Lawyer Immediately

A person facing embezzlement charges should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as they think they may be charged with embezzlement. Because embezzlement is such a serious form of fraud crime, defendants should hire an experienced attorney to fight this felony charge with such high stakes.

The immediate consequences of an embezzlement charge vary with the specifics of each case, but defendants almost always lose their job once charges are leveled. Due to the nature of embezzlement charges, the accused’s employer is often an opposing party. After a conviction, it is likely that an individual will be sentenced to jail time, extensive probation, and even required restitution to repay the value of what was embezzled. This type of fraud charge can take a long time to try in Mecklenburg County, and an embezzlement lawyer could prepare a strong defense, but the earlier they are involved, the stronger that defense may be.

Because most embezzlement convictions are felonies, there are many long-term consequences that could haunt a person for the rest of their life. Those convicted of a felony will lose their right to vote, serve on a jury, run for office, or possess a firearm. They may also have difficulty finding employment, securing home loans, or renting a property.

Hiring an attorney local to Mecklenburg may be advantageous because the attorney is usually familiar with local law enforcement, prosecutors, courthouse personnel, and judges, allowing them to give the most accurate assessment of the consequences they are likely to face.

Evidence in Mecklenburg Embezzlement Cases

Some people incorrectly believe that taking money from their company is permitted as either a borrowing action with the intent to pay the money back or simply an internal matter. However, the moment somebody takes the money, they have committed a felony offense and will be prosecuted as soon as the fraud is discovered. Even if a defendant has the best intentions to repay the amount taken, the courts will not see this borrowing as legitimate.

Retain a Mecklenburg County Embezzlement Attorney Today

In an embezzlement case, the prosecution will compile evidence to prove their case, meaning they must prove that the defendant was an employee of the company, that money was taken from that business, and that it was taken by the accused. A Mecklenburg County embezzlement lawyer could compile all available evidence to refute these claims and protect the defendant.

If you have been charged with embezzlement in Mecklenburg County, you have no time to lose. An attorney could potentially make a difference in the outcome of your case. Call today to schedule a consultation.

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