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Mecklenburg County Sex Crime Cases

When someone has been arrested for a sex crime, they will be brought before a magistrate for a warrant to be issued to finalize their arrest and a bond determination will be made at that time. In many cases, there is a presumption against bond because of the nature of the crime. They will be arraigned within a few days and given the opportunity for a court-appointed lawyer to inform the court of their wish to retain a lawyer. Their attorney can seek a bond hearing from the judge, and they can then expect to have a probable-cause hearing on the nature of their crimes within 30 to 60 days, and a trial within six months to a year.

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What to Know About Sex Crime Charges

People who have been charged with a sex crime should know that these charges carry serious consequences. Due to the severity of the repercussions, it is imperative that they retain the services of a dedicated lawyer as soon as possible. Most sex crime offenses are charged as felonies and carry significant penalties such as years imprisonment and expensive fines.

In Mecklenburg County sex crime cases, the defendant has the right to a jury trial. The accused can determine whether they face a trial by a judge or a jury. It is imperative to understand the many pros and cons of either type of trial. An attorney could advise an individual on the specific benefits and risks of both types of trials.

Constitutional Issues in Sex Crime Cases

An individual has many constitutional rights available to them at all times even when they have been arrested. Therefore, it is crucial that they consult with an attorney as soon as possible to be sure they are aware of their rights and they do not waive them in the process of speaking with law enforcement.

Several constitutional issues could arise in a sex crime case in Mecklenburg County. Law enforcement could violate one’s Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendment right during or after a sex crime arrest. Individuals should remember that they have the right to remain silent, obtain an attorney, and refuse a search from an officer who does not have a warrant.

Prosecuting Sex Crime Cases in Mecklenburg County

Every sex crime case carries particular facts and circumstances. The rules and regulations of each case very often will be determined by the nature of the charge and the nature of the accused and the alleged victim.

Sex crime cases in Mecklenburg County are prosecuted aggressively because they are considered a priority item and among the most serious criminal offenses. Judges will hear evidence impartially, and if they believe the evidence is sufficient to convict, they will treat the cases seriously and often with severe consequences.

As a rule, prosecutors will push for the maximum sentence in every case when they think it is appropriate. When someone is charged with a sex offense, there is no reason to believe prosecutors will not pursue the maximum penalty, which is why it is essential that an accused individual hires an attorney who could help build a strong defense.

Sex Crime Evidence

The type of evidence that will be presented will depend entirely on the specifics of the case, including the nature of the accused individual, the facts and circumstances related to the allegations, and the nature of the alleged victim.

Witness testimony is often a crucial aspect of sex crime cases and its role in those cases often is particularly delicate because the crime itself tends to have happened intimately between the accused and the alleged victim. That can often lead to different accounts of the allegation and those accounts are brought out in a sensitive and delicate situation.

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