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Mecklenburg County Sex Offender Registry

The sex offender registry is a national registration of everyone who has been convicted of a sex crime. Anyone concerned about public health and safety can know where someone convicted of sex crimes lives and works. This means that a convicted sex crime offender will not be able to disappear back into society after the conclusion of their sentence.

After conviction of any sex crime, an individual will have to register as a sex offender. That even includes people who have committed non-violent sex offenses.

Once an individual is ordered to register, they can expect to have to be on the list as a sex offender for the rest of their life. If you have any questions regarding the Mecklenburg County sex offender registry, reach out to a knowledgeable sex crimes lawyer today.

Levels of Sex Offender Registry

There are two levels of sex-offender registration: non-violent and violent. The main implication of the two levels is the frequency with which a person has to update or confirm their registration details. It is important to know that this registry information is open to the public and available to anyone interested in the details related to sex offenders.

The nature of someone’s conviction determines the details for which a person has to register as a sex offender. Depending on the crime they are convicted of, they will have different details and timelines for registering.

How the Sex Offender Registry Can Impact a Person’s Life

Being listed on the sex-offender registry will have an impact on almost every detail of the remainder of a Mecklenburg County person’s life. It is publicly available information that they have committed a crime and have been convicted of committing a crime that is widely seen as a stigmatized act. The registry will impact their ability to hold a job and find housing, and it will affect who is willing to live near them or provide them with shelter. Also, it will even affect where they can travel within their own community.

Just once registering as a sex offender will have an impact on where a person may live for the rest of their life. Because of that conviction, they must somehow find housing that is not subsidized by the government. It also can affect their chance to find housing, because many landlords will not rent to them.

The law requires that when someone registers as a sex offender, they include information about their employer. If they are found to have taken on employment without updating their registration to reflect that change, that in itself is a new crime. In Virginia, that often is a felony offense. Therefore, it is critical for someone charged with a sex offense to contact an attorney who has experience building a sex crime defense.

Call a Mecklenburg County Lawyer About the Sex Offender Registry

Once a person registers as a sex offender, it is unlikely ever to be removed from the registry. An offender can petition the court to have themselves removed from the registry, but success is very rare. For more information about the Mecklenburg County sex offender registry, contact an attorney today.

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