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A Prince William County DUI Drug lawyer can help you to prepare a proactive defense strategy if you are accused of driving under the influence of narcotics controlled substances. While a DUI drug charge carries the same penalties as a DUI charge involving alcohol use, a determination of when a defendant was too impaired to drive can be much more complicated.

 There is room for error on the part of police and prosecutors in these situations, and an experienced Prince William DUI defense attorney can sometimes capitalize on mistakes that were made in order to help clients avoid a guilty verdict.

Benefits of Working with an Experienced DUI Attorney

An arrest for drugged driving can lead to a license suspension and possible jail time. As such, defendants need to determine how they wish to plead to their charges, and what strategic choices can be made in the aftermath of the arrest to reduce the chances of a guilty verdict if at all possible.

An experienced DUI drug attorney in Prince William may seek to have evidence suppressed so that a prosecutor is unable to prove a case, or may work towards presenting evidence and arguments to make a jury doubt guilt. A prosecutor has to prove a drugged driving case beyond a reasonable doubt, so when defendants can raise questions about whether drug use actually occurred or left them intoxicated, this can be enough to get a judge or jury to decide against a guilty verdict.

Our Prince William County DUI drug lawyers help defendants to determine if an illegal search should result evidence being kept out of court, or if there are questions about how testing was conducted to determine impairment.

In addition to raising defenses, presenting arguments, and undermining evidence, our lawyers can also help defendants negotiate plea agreements so their cases can be resolved without trial and with potentially reduced consequences.

Consequences of DUI Drug Convictions in Prince William County

Virginia Code Section 18.2-266 establishes the definition of drugged driving in Virginia. A defendant may be considered drugged and unlawfully driving if testing reveals .02 milligrams of cocaine; 0.1 milligram of methamphetamine; .01 milligrams of phencyclidine; or 0.1 milligrams of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine per liter of blood.

Defendants who otherwise are under the influence of drugs, or of a combination of drugs and alcohol, may also face arrest if there is substantial evidence the substances have impaired his driving abilities.

Penalties for DUI drug charges can vary depending upon whether or not a person has any history of past convictions. Even a first conviction, however, can result in up to a $2,500 fine, up to 12 months in jail, a year-long suspension of a driver’s license, and probation requirements. A drugged driving conviction on a defendant’s record could result in higher auto insurance costs as well, and can affect future job opportunities when background checks are performed.

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If you’ve been charged with operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of drugs or prescription medications, it is important to remember that you have defense options. In order to learn exactly what techniques may be used to help you avoid the consequences of a conviction in your case, call a Prince William County DUI drug lawyer at our firm today.

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