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In Prince William County, prescription drugs refers to a doctor’s written permission that a person can take a drug.  Even if a person is prescribed a drug, they can be pulled over for a DUI drug impairment related to that drug. A Prince William County prescription drug DUI lawyer can offer more advice surrounding the topic. Call a professional DUI drug lawyer today.

Common Prescription Drugs Linked to DUIs

Drugs that are linked to prescription drug DUIs include codeine, painkillers prescribed after a surgery, and Xanax and other anxiety or depression medications that calm a person down. Cough syrup is another drug that people do not often think can affect their driving. These are all common prescription drugs in a Prince William County drug DUI case.

Potential Penalties

Prince William prescription drug DUI penalties can be costly. The penalties for prescription drug DUI charges are going to attract the same penalties as alcohol DUI charges. First offense, it is going to be up to 12 months in jail, up to a $2,500 fine, a year loss of license, ASAP classes and, potentially, a person could get a restricted license, but they are not guaranteed one. Depending on the amount of damages, character of driving, or criminal background, a person’s charges will be similar to an alcohol related DUI.

Prescription Drug DUI Aggravated Charges

If somebody does not have a prescription for a drug, the DUI charge is going to be aggravated because it then becomes a recreational use drug, so it is like the person decided to get intoxicated and drive. That is the way that a prosecution is going to look at the person and that is the way they are going to be treating the case. They are going to think that the person is much more of a danger because they are considered somebody who is buying and/or selling illegal drugs.

If the person has a drug without a prescription in their possession, they could be charged with possession and there might be pressure on them to try to expose their dealer. That is something that could be used to make the person a better deal. Prince William County prescription drug DUI penalties will be much harsher if the person does not have a prescription for a drug. If a person does not have written permission to use a drug, it can be dangerous for them in court. They should make sure to include this information to a lawyer.

Preparing a Defense

Every bit of information is necessary for preparing for a defense. A person should write down what they remember from their interaction with an officer. A person should write down everything that they ate that day, drank that day, and took that day.

A person should write down where they got the drug from, who their doctor was, sign a HIPAA release so that the person’s lawyer can talk directly to the doctor and ask some questions. They should get a copy of the prescription information. They should get a copy of the piece of paper that they made them sign when they picked up their prescription. If a person has a pharmacist, they should sign a HIPAA release, so the pharmacist can talk directly to a Prince William County prescription drug DUI lawyer. All of these factors are necessary for defending against a prosecutor.

Contacting a Prescription Drug DUI Lawyer

Somebody should contact a prescription drug DUI lawyer in Prince William County because fighting the charges alone is almost impossible. There is a misconception that because a person’s doctor gave them a prescription for a drug, it is okay for them to drive while under the influence of such a drug, and that is not true. People either ignore the guidelines that their doctor gave them or unintentionally mix other drugs with it. In some cases, mixing drugs can cause a person to pass out.

It is important to understand that a person in Prince William County can have a prescription for a drug and still be convicted of DUI. With a skilled Prince William County prescription drug DUI lawyer by their side, they can challenge their case by finding weaknesses in the prosecution.

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