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Evidence in Prince William County Prescription Drug DUI Cases 

Evidence in Prince William County prescription drug DUI cases can be complicated. Driving while intoxicated or driving while under the influence of prescription drugs could be a chargeable offense. For somebody to be charged with prescription drug DUI, a person needs to show impairment while operating a motor vehicle.

A certain amount of potential evidence is needed on the part of the officer to charge somebody with that. An experienced DUI drug lawyer can offer more on the subject.

Providing Prescription and Medical Information

A person is going to need to provide all information regarding prescription drugs and medical documentation to their attorney. Without it, the litigator cannot mount a defense for them. If the attorney does not have information, what they have to work with is just the prosecutor’s case and the person needs all of this relevant information. It is relevant if a person’s doctor gave them the wrong directions for a drug. It is relevant if they did not give the person enough information.

It is relevant if the person had a reason to have this in their system and all the information is a potential building block to creating a good defense. The attorney has more options with more knowledge. A Prince William County prescription drug penalty can be severe, so providing as much information as possible is in a person’s best interest. Talk to a qualified drug DUI lawyer for more on the subject.

Drug Recognition Experts

For evidence in a Prince William County prescription drug DUI case, there will not often be a drug recognition expert. Instead, there will be a doctor because drug recognition experts come in when a person is trying to identify combinations of drugs that were found.

Medical experts that come in are usually the prescribing doctors or chemists who are able to say what the drug does to somebody’s body and to identify, especially if there were pills in the car, certain pills. They inform individuals what happens if a person took a certain amount of a drug. They describe the effects it could have while operating a vehicle or otherwise and the warnings based on the FDA. These experts come in, give the history of the drug, and then give the physiological effects that the drugs might have on somebody’s behavior.

Proving Conviction

Evidence in Prince William County prescription drug DUI case has multiple facets. The prescription needs to prove that the person was operating a motor vehicle in the state of Virginia within the jurisdiction it is being prosecuted in, and that the person’s driving was impaired due to prescription drugs. They have to prove that the presence of prescription drugs led to the impairment, they have to prove that the drug DUI occurred in the county, and they have to prove that the person was operating a motor vehicle.

Unexpected Side-Effects

Unexpected side effects are interesting because a person is warned when they get a prescription drug about a litany of side effects. Sometimes, there is a disconnect between what a person is told, what they hear, what they are supposed to read, and what they actually do read. People often do read the side effects. If it is a listed side effect that a person ignored, that is going to be a problem. But if it is a completely unexpected side-effect that was not warned by a doctor and the person had no way of knowing otherwise, that would provide a good defense.

Contacting an Experienced DUI drug Lawyer

An experienced DUI drug lawyer in Prince William County can explain in detail what evidence must be provided in a drug DUI case. Sometimes evidence includes a testimony from a doctor or a chemist that knows more information about a certain drug. It is important to note as well that there will be a greater issue if there was a warning listed on a prescription drug that a person ignored and then operated a vehicle. What ever the case, a qualified attorney will be by your side.

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