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No one should have to suffer from an honest mistake. If you were charged with driving under the influence of a drug like marijuana, a Prince William County marijuana DUI lawyer could build a defense against the state’s allegations. Reach out to a dedicated DUI lawyer today for the help you need.

What Are Prince William County Marijuana Laws?

In Virginia, marijuana is illegal and driving under the influence of marijuana is also illegal. Driving under the influence of marijuana in Virginia is punished the same as driving under the influence of alcohol, and in fact, it is addressed by the same code section, Virginia Code Section 18.2-266. While the statute does not prohibit any specific amount of marijuana, it does indicate that someone would be guilty of driving under the influence if they are driving while under the influence of drugs or any combination of drugs and alcohol, which would include marijuana.

When Should Someone Consider Retaining an Attorney?

Someone who is charged with a marijuana-related DUI in Prince William County or even someone who thinks they might be facing an investigation should hire an attorney immediately. Having an attorney working with you from the very beginning, especially on a case involving a DUI and a possible blood analysis, could be very helpful. It is especially helpful to have an attorney who is experienced in working with drug cases, in which blood analysis is a necessary element blood, because someone who is only used to dealing with alcohol cases will not be familiar with particular blood-related defenses under Virginia law.

The Recent Trend of Decriminalizing Marijuana

Even if possession of marijuana charges are not being prosecuted, individuals in Prince William County can expect that driving under the influence of marijuana will continue to be prosecuted vigorously. While the trend in Prince William County is to slow the prosecution of simple possession of marijuana, the trend in prosecuting DUIs is increasing. There will be aggressive pushes by law enforcement and prosecutors to enforce DUI laws, with no regard as to whether they are alcohol, marijuana, or other drug-related.

Medical Marijuana and DUI Charges

Although there are now in Virginia some very limited circumstances in which an individual is able to possess marijuana or THC extracts for medical reasons, it is still illegal to drive if your consumption of those items caused you to be impaired. That includes someone who had a valid prescription for marijuana. Even if marijuana is decriminalized or made more readily available for public consumption, it would be reasonable to assume that the enforcement of marijuana-related DUIs would increase, rather than decrease.

Let a Prince William County Marijuana DUI Lawyer Help

Despite the recent legislative efforts to decriminalize marijuana, driving while under the influence of marijuana is still illegal in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you were recently charged with such an offense, then you should consider your legal defense options with the help of a Prince William County marijuana DUI lawyer. You could appeal to the court’s good graces or let an attorney work to show that your charge was unwarranted. Call today.

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